Are we sure there wasn't a United Planets President in between President Boltax and President Allon?

There was a dark skinned bearded character they referred to as President Kandru in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes 228 and several issues after that.

Do we have confirmation this is the same guy as President Boltax. It wouldn't be logical for the Legionnaires to refer to him by Kandru if that was his first name.

According to darkmark's comics indexing domain, they are two different people, Boltax last appearing in Superboy #212, Kandru last appearing in Superboy and the LSH #258. Marte Allon first appears as President in LSH #271. Who's Who in the LSH #3 (p. 16) regards Boltax and Kandru (noit the spelling) as one person; a clean-shaven caucasian is depicted. Note, however, that the Who's Who title was published in 1988, i.e. post-Crisis, and was supposed to bring some order into the Legion world, so the two presidents may well have been collapsed into one.
Another thing: Kandro Boltax first appears in Adventure Comics #359-362 (albeit as an Universo impersonation). Black-bearded Kandru (no other name recorded) indeed first appears in Superboy #228. It could be an oversight of the writers or of the indexers that they confused the similarly named characters. Maybe we should ask Paul Levitz. --Lucien61 (talk) 07:10, January 6, 2015 (UTC)
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