The Talon was built by vaudevillian and Smallville native William Talon and opened in September of 1939 with a matinee screening of the Wizard of Oz. Though primarily a movie house, the theater also hosted the Kansas Philharmonic when the orchestra visited Smallville. The Talon burned down in th


The Talon was built by vaudevillian and Smallville native William Talon and opened in September of 1939 with a matinee screening of the Wizard of Oz. Though primarily a movie house, the theater also hosted the Kansas Philharmonic when the orchestra visited Smallville. The Talon burned down in the Main Street fire of 1955 and William Talon immediately made plans to rebuild and expand. On November 29, 1955, the Talon reopened its doors to a full house of teenagers eager to see James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. During this period of time, Laura and Lewis Lang met for the first time into the theater. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, in 1999 the Talon showed a restored re-released version of the Wizard of Oz. Having remained family-owned and operated until 2000, the Talon saw its patronage fall over the years due to the proliferation of large-chain multiplex theaters, and on February 26, 2000, the Talon Theater dimmed its lights for the last time. Nell Potter acquired the Talon Theater in 2000 and unable to find a new tenant to revive the old movie house, Potter sold the property in 2002 to local businessman Lex Luthor.

Lana Lang is upset to find a sale sign in the window at the flower shop of her Aunt Nell, which includes the Talon Theater. She explains to Clark Kent that it has sentimental value for her since her parents met there. She tries to talk to the buyer in hopes of convincing him to renovate and then discover that the new owner is Lex Luthor. Lana makes an impassioned plea to Lex to renovate the old theater, but he is unmoved by sentiment and says her that he plans to create a parking garage to service downtown. After speaking with Clark, Lana decides not to quit with her project and then she makes another presentation to Lex. This time, Lana proposes to turn the Talon into a successful café, bookstore and venue for local bands and art house movies. Impressed, Lex accepts the idea. Then, Lana and Lex becomes partnership. Lana becomes excited with the project, and start to repairs the building for the reopening. Once completed, she gives a housewarming and is fulfilled. Like any business, the Talon starts with the left foot and does not produce much profit. Lana catches a employee stealing cash from the register and fires her. Days later, Clark stops by the Talon to see Lana, and notes that the place is deserted. Then Lana reveals to him that the Beanery is trying to put them out of business. Clark visits Lex to see if he has any ideas about how to help the Talon but Lex insists that the Talon has to find its own feet and he doesn't intend to subsidize it. Lex arrives at the Talon and although he doesn't offer to bail Lana out, he encourages her to keep fighting for the Talon and get creative. Then Lana discovers that the Beanery has several health code violations and and publishes them in the Smallville Ledger. Since then, the Talon became Smallville's most popular after-school hangout.

After a tornado crosses through the town causing damage, the Red Cross converted the Talon into a disaster relief center. Lana helped the injured people and once the danger has passed, continues with her business. For an entire summer, Lana continued working in the Talon. During a heat wave, Clark's developed a new ability within the Talon and almost started a fire in the building. Being controlled by Desirée Atkins, Lex arrives at the Talon to inform Lana that he's closing the Talon in 24 hours. Once they solved the mystery, Lex gave Lana back the Talon. When Aunt Nell get a new boyfriend, Lana didn't want to be around Nell and Dean and spent nights at the Talon. During that she´s going through old boxes, she finds a photograph of her mother hugging an unidentified man. Lana starts wondering about the mysterious photograph and then find that her biological father is still alive. During this time, the Talon served several social events, like Ryan James surprise welcome-back party and a protest movement to save the Kawatche Caves. When Whitney Fordman appeared to return, Lana also celebrated with a party in his honor. The Talon serves for Lana met in several occasions with her biological father, but their relationship goes into a tailspin because of jealousy for part of the wife of Henry Small and had to stop seeing. Lana finally agrees to go on with Clark after thinking the things better and and accepts his proposal for an date but the things get bad again when discovers an infected Chloe Sullivan and Clark make-out session at the Talon. Days later, Clark tries to hold a job at the Talon and goes and surprises Lana by asking for a job. She is reluctant because he doesn't "have the best track record for keeping appointments," and suggests he try the hardware store but finally got the job. By this time, Lucas Luthor stripped of all the things that Lex own, including the Talon, and berates Clark for being late for his shift and tells Lana to fire him. Lana refuses, so he threatens to fire her too, but the new partnership agreement doesn't allow that. The next day Clark goes back to the Talon to explain why he left his shift and Lana says she isn't mad, but she has to fire him. While preparing for a food drive at the Talon, Martha Kent falls ill with a rare disease and also Clark. During that time, Chloe opened his emotions for Clark towards, but not get the response that she wanted. Lana learns the feelings of his friend and during the fair decided to stay away from Clark. One night at the Talon, Lana asks three drunken frat boys, who have been spiking their coffee with liquor and getting loud and obnoxious, to leave if they will start drinking. One of the frat boys, makes a pass at Lana. She tells him to leave again, and when he sees her hit the alarm, he grabs her and throws her against the wall. Clark arrives and saves her shoving Andy to the ground. The boy sues Clark who is convicted to doing community service. Lana asks Andy to meet her at the Talon and confronts him with the fact that she knows he is faking his injuries. Some time later, the cinema of the Talon began to run again. After watching a horror movie with his friends, and while Lana is cleaning up the theater, an old friend of Lana that dies years ago appears in front of her, and begins to make her believe that she is crazy.

Lana spent all summer looking for Clark. She still manages the Talon but has stopped giving so much importance because her priority was find Clark. When Clark returns , he goes to the Talon and tentatively approaches Lana and apologizes for the way he acted in Metropolis. Since that, Lana continues managing the Talon like ever. When Perry White visited Smallville, Clark took Perry to the Talon, where Perry callously asks Lana for an interview about the day of the meteor shower. She is offended and asks them both to leave. After an incident in a stable caused by Lex, Lana is wounded and can not attend to the business for some weeks. After she recovered partially, Lana's have a welcome home party at the Talon. During his rehabilitation, she meets Adam Knight and befriends him. He spent time at the Talon with her and when Lex is going over financial reports from the Talon, notes that some bills from the Talon included some gift baskets to him. Lana invites Adam to live in the apartment above the Talon and he agree. Then, she renovated the apartment and rented it to him. She has an slight afraid with him, but after Lana discovered the dark secret of Adam, she asks Lex for help to lift Adam out of the building. Lana arrives at the Talon to find that Adam is gone and Lana attempting to scrub away the memory of Adam from the apartment. When the obsessive girlfriend of Clark is jealous of Lana, she tries to kill her at the Talon, but is stopped by Clark. Lana applied to an Art School in Paris because she doesn't fit in needs a fresh start from Smallville. Lana is surprised to meet a realtor who is showing the Talon to potential buyers. She goes to the mansion and demands an explanation from Lex. She is extremely upset, saying she doesn't want it sold because she put her heart into it but Lex says it is more profitable to sell the building than buy out her shares and admits that he only kept it as a coffee shop because Lana wanted it. Later, Lex and Lana hold a partnership meeting to discuss another offer they received. Gabe and Chloe Sullivan offered to buy the place, keep it as it is, and let Lana work there again when she returns from Paris , but she turned them down, saying she doesn't want anything pulling her back to Smallville. With just days till Lana leaves Smallville, in a partially dismantled Talon, Mr. Kerns, the new owner is working late when he encounters the insane Emily Dinsmore, who has escaped from his prison and wants to be with Lana. He mistakes her for Lana and when she claims that he is ruining the coffee shop by changing it, he defends his actions, saying she is the one that signed the papers, and she kills him by sticking her hand straight through his chest, leaving again the Talon in the hands of its former owner.

Following the departure of Lana toward Paris, the Talon was closed for several months. When she returns to Smallville, goes to visit Lex at the Luthor Mansion and talk about reopening the Talon and Lana renting out the upstairs apartment there. Lex accepts the proposal and then rents the apartment for her. That same night, Lana's boyfriend Jason Teague surprises her by showing up in the Talon to stay together. After an economic crisis, Martha tells Jonathan Kent that she has taken a management position at the Talon because they need the extra income to cover his hospital bills. Since then, she begins to run the business with the help of Lana, who now lived on the Talon. Since Lana began to live in the Talon, she is frequently visited by Jason, who continually help her to reveal the mystery behind the enigmatic Countess Isobel Thoreaux and the stones of power. During this process, Lana is possessed by the spirit of the countess, having nightmares about her and finally meets the manipulative mother's of her boyfriend who goes to the Talon only to meet Lana. During a night of karaoke at the local, Clark comes in with her ex girlfriend Alicia Baker by his side and Lana becomes upset and angry for this. That same night, she is attacked while taking a shower, but is saved by Jason. Later Jason is attacked outside the Talon, and then Lana blames Alicia Baker for the attacks. Lois Lane got a job at the Talon as a waitress and begins to help Mrs. Kent. When his sister Lucy arrives in Smallville, she cares for her but is upset when she learns that her steal money out of the cash register of the Talon. When Lex is splinted in two, the evil Lex tells Lana after kissing her, that he's going to close the Talon, but when he returns to normal, abort the idea. Later, during morning coffee rush at the Talon, Lois is working when Kevin Grady steals a muffin and a handful of cash out of the cash register. He clears her memory and when she awakens from the trance announces they've been robbed. In his quest for the Stones of Power, Lana uses the apartment of the Talon to hide the Cristal of Air once she starts to realize the true intentions of Jason and Genevieve Teague, and finally, being possessed by the countess, kills Genevieve, when she confronts her at her apartment.

Always under the administration of Martha Kent, the Talon is still open even after the second meteor shower that asot Smallville. After several ups and downs in their relationship, finally after Clark was made mortal by Jor-El, Clark and Lana consummate their love in the department of the Talon losing their virginity to each other. After returning from his trip to Europe, Lois returns to his old job as a waitress and meets Arthur Curry, with whom she has a whirlwind relationship for a few of days. Finally, after Lana decides to enlist at the college, she moves from the apartment of the Talon to the campus of the Met U, and Lois is able to rent the place and moved to live there. Lois continued working as a waitress even she was hired by Jonathan Kent to help him to run for State Senate. Lois hold an election party for Jonathan at the Talon, where they discover that Jonathan has won his bid against Lex for Kansas State Senator. After the death of Jonathan, Martha began to encounter several setbacks as a result of her pain and unliquidated obligations that have been, so on several occasions, Lana was committed to do closing work for Martha helping her. During a thunderstorm, Chloe is taking a shower at Lois' Talon apartment and sees a young girl pleading to help her. Lois rushes into the bathroom and finds Chloe crouched in a corner with her wrists cut. After being accused of attempting suicide, Chloe and Clark investigate the incident and find a skeleton behind of the wall and discover that the girl has been murdered years ago by a former tenant of the apartment. Martha finally agrees to be Senator after the offer made to her of the position of her late husband, and then left to manage the Talon. Despite this, Lois continues to work and living there although his relationship with the now owner of everything, Lex Luthor, is not entirely good.

After awakening her soul of a reporter, Lois leaves the rates of coffee and gets a job at the Metropolis Inquisitor. She continues living at the apartment above the Talon, but after the incidents of the Dark Thursday, now shares the place with Chloe, who stay with her until the Met U recovers from the destruction. Although some time later the bedrooms are repaired, Chloe feels comfortable living in the Talon and choose to stay there. During a dream of Clark abducted by a Zoner, the Talon was actually closed but Chloe still lived within like a beggar. When Clark wakes up, goes to the Talon where he met Lana and recall when the things were simpler, but are interrupted by Lex who takes Lana. On Valentines day, a party is held at the Talon and Chloe and Jimmy Olsen attended along with Clark and Lois, who were spiteful following the commitment of Lana with Lex and the departure of Oliver respectively. There a mystic who sells novelties such as potions gives Lois a lipstick, claiming that after putting it on, she will fall in love. Then, Lois fall in love with Clark after sees him behind her in a mirror. Lana engaged to Lex attracts the attention from the paparazzi, who begin to harass her. After a maniac begins to torment her, she seeks refuge staying with Chloe at the Talon while Lex was on a trip. When Chloe mysteriously disappears after witnessing an abduction, Jimmy placed advertisements by the Talon to see if anyone recognized her. But just then, Chloe appears behind him with no memory of what had happened. Certain day, Chloe wakes up with muddy boots on the floor of her apartment and after investigate, she and Clark discovers that she has been out of the Talon for the nights under the orders of his mother. After Jimmy's departure, Chloe remained at the Talon living with her cousin.

Chloe and Lois continue to live in the apartment above the Talon and are frequently visited by Jimmy who had returned from his trip. When Clark's Kryptonian cousin Kara Kent comes to Smallville, Clark thinks that she must have to hide his identity and socialize with humans and then she gets a job as a waitress at the Talon. During a beauty contest that is held at the Talon, Kara falls in it and wins. She works there until after a discussion with Clark makes her leave Smallville. One night, while Chloe and Jimmy had a date in the coffeehouse of the Talon, Chloe recognizes in the bar an old enemy from high school who had been interned at Bell Reeve years ago and goes after her, thinking she had escaped. When the movie of the Warrior Angel is shot in Smallville, a scene is shot in the Talon. An amnesiac Kara returns to Smallville and while trying to regain his memory goes to the Talon to try to remember but it's useless. She meets there with Lex, who offers her help to regain his memory and his job if she wanted back. When Chloe is accused of working for a terrorist organization, his apartment is being watched by the federals and Jimmy is approached by a brunette woman at the Talon coffee shop and forced to spy on his girlfriend. When Kara begins to act strangely, Clark thinks that she could be infected with red kryptonite and then enlist Chloe to help. She lures Kara to her apartment and tries to use green K on her but doesn't work and then discover that "she" is, in fact, Brainiac. Brainiac attacked her and Chloe falls unconscious on the ground, being found later by Jimmy. Finally after, Chloe recovers, Jimmy takes her to the apartment and after realizing how much he loved Chloe, Jimmy proposes her at the Talon coffeehouse, but just then they are ambushed by the DDS, that take Chloe before she can answer.

With Chloe in jail, Lois was the only one living at the Talon for nearly a month. When Chloe is released from Black Creek, she goes to the Talon and there finds Jimmy waiting for her. Then, she finally says yes to his marriage proposal. After Lex's disappear on the Arctic Circle, all his businesses were taken over by his protégé, Tess Mercer, including within the Talon. She goes to the coffee shop to ask Chloe for help her with the mystery that hid the Crystal of Knowledge and after the refusal of Chloe, threatens her but don't achieve greater results. Jimmy moves in with Chloe to begin to live together and celebrate their engagement party at the Talon coffee shop. Lois, uncomfortable with the situation, decides to moves to another department and then left the building. Chloe wakes up one morning feeling strange and begins to lose his memory, forgetting that Jimmy lived with her and then throwing him out of the apartment. Chloe escapes from the hospital where she was interned and after Davis Bloome finds her, he returns her to the Talon thinking that there might help her better. Chloe and Jimmy continue to live together until their wedding day, in which Jimmy is seriously injured and have to be moved to Star City for better treatment. During this time, Lana returns to Smallville and stay at the Talon apartment, as Chloe travels constantly to care for her husband. Lana and Clark remembers the old days at the Talon and the she realizes that he has changed a lot since she served coffee in the coffee shop. When Lana finally leaves Smallville, Chloe returned to live at the Talon. After a hard fight, Jimmy refuses to return to live with her on the grounds that their marriage was over and then she is left utterly alone in the apartment. After discover the true identity of Davis Bloome, Chloe is devastated after help him to commit suicide, but one night while she returning home, hears a noise coming from the basement of the Talon and after going to investigate found that Davis had not died. He asks her for help and then Chloe starts to giving him refuge to in the basement of the Talon, hiding him from everyone. Davis dark side starts to become more and more strong, and one night kills a thug who tries to harm Chloe in the coffee shop. Clark warns Chloe at the Talon that Davis could still be alive, but the girl ignored his warning and say that he just was paranoid and that Davis had died. Jimmy driven by his addiction attempts to steal the money that Chloe kept in the Talon but is surprised by Oliver Queen, but at the same time, both are surprised by Davis, who has become a psychopath obsessed with Chloe, that keeps them captive in the basement threatening to kill them. Chloe returns quickly to the Talon to try to help his friends and then, Oliver scolds her attitude of hiding a fugitive. Chloe finally decides to elope with Davis to protect Clark and then left the town.

After Lois disappeared mysteriously, a recently widowed Chloe return to live alone at the Talon apartment despite spending more time at the Watchtower that Jimmy had given her. When Lois returned after being lost for three weeks, she moved back in to keep Chloe company, and the two cousins returned to live together. Thanks to this, Chloe learned that Lois was still receiving calls from the Blur and also that she was beginning to date Clark. When Chloe met a promising young superhero, she took him to the Talon with the idea of having some fun time. After discovered all of his abilities, she was seduced by the excitement and then, climbed with the man to the cornice of the apartment. From there, they flew through the sky to Metropolis. Lois briefly moved from the Talon apartment to live with Clark when she was mesmerized by gemstone kryptonite, but then returned to normal and moved back with Chloe. After Chloe and Oliver began a relationship, Oliver confronted Chloe at the apartment after learned that she was stealing money from him and warned her that Tess could be spying through the walls.

When Cat Grant was attacked by Deadshot, Clark let her stay at the Talon apartment since Lois was in Egypt and Chloe was missing. When Cat showed up at the apartment with groceries, Green Arrow was already there. They had a tense encounter, and Cat revealed that metahumans were torturing humans down at an abandoned brewery. When Cat turned her back, Green Arrow disappeared through the window. In an attempt to assassinate General Sam Lane, the Suicide Squad launched a homing missile to the General's location, the Talon. However, he left his tracking device with Lois in the apartment. The missile was launched and destroyed the whole Talon but Clark rushed in and rescued her.


  • Adam Knight In 2004, Lana Lang finally renovated the apartment when Adam Knight stated that he had nowhere to live.
  • Lana Lang After Lana left to attend school in Paris, Lex decided to close down the Talon. However, Lana abruptly and urgently returned to Smallville three months later, and rented the apartment.
  • Lois Lane When Lana moved into the dorms at Metropolis University, Lois Lane rented the apartment. As Jonathan Kent's campaign manager, Lois hosted his election victory party at the Talon in January 2006.
  • Chloe Sullivan & Lois Lane The events of Dark Thursday caused the Metropolis University dorms to close, so Lois shared the apartment with her cousin Chloe Sullivan for over two years. At the time, Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane were both Daily Planet journalists who have written articles attacking LuthorCorp. Despite Lex Luthor's position as their landlord, he did not object to their staying in the Talon apartment. That said, he is not above abusing his position: in the past, he has used his status as landlord to excuse snooping in the Talon apartment. However, as of 2010, Chloe and Lois are still depicted as living in the apartment together.
  • Chloe Sullivan & Jimmy Olsen Lois moved out of the Talon when Chloe's fiancé Jimmy Olsen moved in. Chloe and Jimmy were the residents of the Talon until their wedding. When Lana Lang returned to Smallville for a short time in 2009, she stayed with Chloe in the apartment while Jimmy was still in the hospital. However, the relationship was unable to sustain Jimmy's severe injury and Jimmy did not return after leaving the hospital. In order to be close to Chloe, Davis Bloome took up residence in the basement of the Talon. The day Jimmy died, he revealed to Chloe that he had purchased a loft apartment for the two of them to live in.


  • Lana says that the Talon makes "three hundred dollars in a good day". That means that the Talon makes a maximum of $109.5k a year. This explains why Lana was willing to sell out her share for the cost of a year's tuition at a Parisian high school. It also explains why Lex was eager to close down the Talon, and open a more lucrative business in its place.
  • During Season Nine and Ten, Talon's coffee shop wasn't featured at any time. The shots only showed the apartment and the basement of the building. In addition, this season has the least amount of occurrences of that location.
  • The Talon has appeared in every season of the series.

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