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"All Sorts of Fun": The Court of Owls tortures Casey Washington by forcing her to watch as her daughter Sarah is brainwashed. That brainwashing has led the girl to reveal already that Casey kept a DNA encoded backup of her

Quote1 What does it look like we're doing, Calvin? We are saving all of your butt. Quote2
-- Anya Volkova

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  • Gotham Public Library



Synopsis for "All Sorts of Fun"

The Court of Owls tortures Casey Washington by forcing her to watch as her daughter Sarah is brainwashed. That brainwashing has led the girl to reveal already that Casey kept a DNA encoded backup of her late father's patents in New York, after having cut off the Court from that work with the help of Calvin Rose. With that information in their hands, the Court has no use for Casey anymore. Though her captor, Felix Harmon - the once-Gotham Butcher - relishes the thought of killing her, he intends to wait for Calvin to return (or not) from Santa Prisca, so he can do it in front of him.

Meanwhile, Calvin is under attack in Santa Prisca by a genetic experiment called Wolf Spider, who is eager to explain just how physically superior he is to his prey, and he demonstrates it with glee. Fortunately, Calvin's healing factor turns the tables.

Elsewhere, Bane is preparing to load his men onto ships for their attack on the Court of Owls when he is interrupted by Sebastian Clark, who warns that Calvin has arrived on the island. Bane responds that he doesn't care, and now that the Court is aware of his plans, he must leave immediately in order to prevent the Court from preparing for his assault. First giving the order for his men to board the ships he bought with Sebastian's money, Bane then turns his attention to Calvin Rose.

Though Calvin is strong, he is soon surrounded by gunmen, who claim that an entire army of prisoners enhanced with Venom will soon dismantle the Court and deliver Gotham to Bane. Calvin remains unmoved as a figure appears behind Wolf Spider and severs the hoses that feed his body Venom. The figure turns out to be Anya Volkova and the rest of Casey's friends. Together, they take down the rest of the gunmen, and regroup.

Harmon returns to Casey's cell to find it empty, and desperately commands that someone be sent after her. Meanwhile, Casey escapes through a hidden passage into the Gotham Public Library above the facility. As she attempts to walk straight out the front door she is stopped by Talons disguised as security guards. Though they claim that they are willing to risk making a scene on top of one of the largest Court bases in the city, she calls their bluff and fires a gun into the the air. The sound alerts a nearby GCPD officer, who intends to arrest her, and uses his authority as a policeman to override the machinations of the Talons. Though she is headed for jail, Casey will be safer there.

Via the radio signal in her tooth, Anya reveals that Casey has escaped, but that Sarah remains captive to the Court. Calvin is relieved but it is a short-lived relief, because Bane has found them, and he has brought his friends.


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