Tamaraneans are the native inhabitants of the planet Tamaran. Tamaraneans are golden-skinned humanoids who (unlike Earthlings) are descended from a feline race and who worship the goddess X'Hal. The Tamaraneans were originally from the planet Okaara before either migrating or were brought to Tamaran.

The Tamaraneans are a peaceful race, as their society is driven more by emotion than reason. Unfortunately, the Tamaraneans were eventually forced into war when they were threatened by the Citadel. The Tamaraneans defended their planet against the Citadel for more than an Earth century until Komand'r, one of Tamaran's royalty, betrayed her people and revealing crucial military secrets to the Citadel. The Tamaraneans were utterly defeated and nearly driven to extinction. King Myand'r made a reluctant truce with the Citadel in which he was forced to give his daughter, Koriand'r, to Citadel slavers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Solar Sustenance: Tamaraneans can absorb and process solar radiation, which provides them with strength and vitality. This process also enables Tamaraneans to defy gravity and fly without the need of artificial enhancements.


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