Cherub is a superpowered government agent and member of of the DNAngels (along with Seraph and Epiphany). She is a clone of Tana Moon, the deceased girlfriend of Superboy, mixed with DNA of the Young Justice member Impulse. This makes her a Speedster, so she is linked to the Speed force. It turns out that Amanda Spence made her so she can have the pleasure of killing Tana Moon over and over again. [1]

When Superboy took the baby clone of Guardian to the supermarket he first met the DNAngels. He was duped and then laid out by the superpowered trio of ladies . They grabbed the baby, got to their car, and started to make tracks. Superboy disabled the car and tried to take the baby back. They boasted that they work for the government and that Superboy must let them take the baby.

After mixing it up with the girls and distracting them twice (first with a dirty diaper and then with a plastic baby toy), Superboy escaped. The next day he learned that Project Cadmus was gone and everything had simply vanished without a trace -- including all the people.