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Tangent: Superman's Reign Vol 1 11


Tangent: Superman's Reign Vol 1 11

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"Chapter Eleven": The New Earth and Tangent heroes are reunited in which the New Earth Batman and Lola Dent explains the situation to Superman and the other New Earth heroes. Together, the heroes travel to the Fortress of Solitude with the help of Lola Dent's powers.

Quote1 The likes of us working for a guy called Superman?! What an outrageous joke! Quote2
-- The Joker

Appearing in "Chapter Eleven"

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Synopsis for "Chapter Eleven"

The New Earth and Tangent heroes are reunited in which the New Earth Batman and Lola Dent explains the situation to Superman and the other New Earth heroes. Together, the heroes travel to the Fortress of Solitude with the help of Lola Dent's powers.

At the Fortress of Solitude, the Tangent Superman realized that despite having the world's leaders it is more problematic in taking over New Earth and that having the villains he recruited to fight against the heroes will set forth his machination. He telepathically commands Scarecrow and Poison Ivy to bring Vixen out of her cell to attract the heroes' attentions; however, she breaks free of her bondage which her signal is picked up by Guy Gardner.

The heroes travels to the Fortress of Solitude through the Tangent Green Lantern's portal. The Flashes are the first to arrive and are then ambushed by Mister Freeze, Icicle, and Dr. Psycho. Fortunately, the other heroes arrive and an battle ensues between them and the villains. The battle turns in favor towards the heroes in which the villains are subdued and the world leaders are freed. But Lola Dent doesn't sense her husband's presence. As she concentrates, she realized that he is bringing "him" to New Earth.

In space, the Tangent Superman, Powergirl, and Orion are using their powers to open a portal to Tangent Earth to bring a prison which the Tangent Superman claims it the means to subjugating New Earth.

On Earth, Lola explains to Batman and the heroes that before the Tangent Superman took over their Earth, he fought and killed the Tangent Ultra-Humanite which drove him to being who he is; however, Lola tells that what really happened tens year ago, the Ultra-Humanite wasn't killed as he was instead kept imprisoned by the Tangent Superman while he made the world to believe the being is dead. The Ultra-Humanite has been actually helping the Tangent Superman and is now summoned to Earth to assist his conquest.

Appearing in "History Lesson - Chapter 11"

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  • Nightwing facility

Synopsis for "History Lesson - Chapter 11"

Jennifer threatens back Clayface with a knife from hurting her. However, Clayface is immune to being stab as he tells Jennifer that there had never been Guy Gardner and only been "Clayface". Jennifer then realizes that everything Clayface knew about the heroes and for contacting her is because he is working with Superman and everything was a ruse for him to infiltrate and eliminate Jennifer and other rebels like her. As Clayface reveals his intentions, Jennifer makes a desperate attempt to grab a gun but is caught in Clayface's hand as he allows his body mass to suffocate Jennifer. After killing Jennifer, Clayface reverts to Guy Gardner and contact Superman that his mission is done. Superman is please to hear this and orders him to over watch Earth for him during his absence in New Earth in which Clayface accepts. He then morphs into Jennifer Hayden, swearing that it will not allow Earth to be compromised in Superman's absence, as Clayface leaves the Nightwing facility.


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