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Tangent: Superman's Reign Vol 1 12


Tangent: Superman's Reign Vol 1 12

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"Superman's Reign, Conclusion": The Tangent Superman and his allies began their goal in overrunning Russia in order to capturing that nation's nuclear weapons to be turned against the rest of the world. Having defeated Russia's Rocket Red Brigade and its military, and as well acquiring nuclear a

Quote1 You're the one who needs help, Harvey. Quote2
-- Lola Dent, to a defeated Harvey Dent.

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Synopsis for "Superman's Reign, Conclusion"

The Tangent Superman and his allies began their goal in overrunning Russia in order to capturing that nation's nuclear weapons to be turned against the rest of the world. Having defeated Russia's Rocket Red Brigade and its military, and as well acquiring nuclear arsenals from China and Pakistan, they are opposed by not only the Justice League and the Tangent heroes but also the villains led by Lex Luthor who decided to team up with the heroes than rather seeing their world destroyed. Superman is none too pleased to this delicate alliance, but the situation is required as asserted by Batman and the Tangent Green Lantern.

The heroes launched two separate assaults on the Tangent Superman and Ultra-Humanite. The first team, consisting Black Lightning, the Tangent Atom, Parasite, and Dr. Psycho attacks the Tangent Superman, in allowing the second team, consisting the Tangent Batman, Powergirl, Mister Freeze, and Icicle to directly attack the Ultra-Humanite. With the Tangent Superman occupied and Powergirl confronts her Tangent counterpart, only the Tangent Batman is able to struck the Ultra-Humanite's vulnerable part of his body but at the cost of his life. The Tangent Powergirl and Orion retreated with the now severely weakened Ultra-Humanite back to the Tangent Superman's lair where the heroes finally begins their counterattack. The Tangent Superman resists their attack and as he prepares to unleash the missiles, Lola Dent arrives much to her husband's shock in seeing her. Lola confront her husband and enters into a telekinetic battle with him, telling him that she finally realize that he has crossed the line to kill in order to "save" the world. Her husband's powers is diminished and allowing the New Earth Superman to knock him out who then fells into Lola's arms and meekly lament that he "only wanted to help."

Harvey's missiles are finally disarmed by Luthor and the Green Lanterns sends the Tangent Superman and his cohorts to the Ultra-Humanite's prison where they are lock away and banished back to Tangent Earth. With the Tangent Superman finally defeated for the first time, both the New Earth and Tangent heroes celebrate their victory in which Lori Lemaris thanks Batman, Superman, and the New Earth heroes for their help, but note the fact their battle cost the life of Sir William. Batman comfort her and telling her that her world has a chance to repair itself and ensure that his counterpart didn't die in vain in which she takes his recommendation and promise that she and her friends will remember their adventure on New Earth. The Green Lanterns powered the gateway to Tangent Earth as the Tangent heroes return to their universe. As the portal closes, Black Lightning wonders if they will be okay in which Superman optimistically answers that he believes they will be "better than okay."


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