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Quote1 Her name was Terra. She was gifted with tremendous power and cursed with it as well. She was a dangerous enemy and a good friend. And she was one of the bravest people I have ever known. Quote2
-- Beast Boy src

Terra is featured in the Teen Titans animated series, voiced by Ashley Johnson. In this version Terra appears much less physically developed. Her diminutive frame, skinny limbs, and longer, lank blonde hair work to create a dramatic contrast between her tremendous power and her apparently frail body; also making her look closer to Beast Boy's age relative to the other Titans. In this setting she also betrayed the Titans to Slade (not called Deathstroke in this continuity, though it seems he's the same character), despite her relationship with Beast Boy, but was portrayed as more "lost" than evil or vindictive. Also, her dysfunctional relationship with Slade more closely resembles the twisted family dynamics exhibited between the comic's Deathstroke and his daughter Rose Wilson (The Ravager), rather than the comic book Terra and Deathstroke's extremely illicit romance.

From the start, Terra was portrayed as a gregarious, fun-loving, tomboyish girl, driven to wander from place to place because her poor control of her geokinesis/terrakinesis caused massive earthquakes, avalanches or mudslides wherever she settled, earning the hostility of those she tried to aid. When she joined the Titans, Beast Boy quickly discovered the volatility of her powers and abilities, though Terra, fearing rejection, made him promise not to tell the others. When Robin figured out on his own, Terra left in panic, believing that Beast Boy had betrayed her trust. She then defected to Slade, who had previously told her he knew her secret, and that he could help her learn how to fully control her geokinetic/terrakinetic powers and abilities. After secretly training with Slade, she returned to Titans Tower to spy on the Titans and compromise Tower security for Slade. She took Beast Boy on a date to occupy him and cover the attack, during which Slade ultimately revealed his alliance with Terra to Beast Boy. Beast Boy's subsequent angry, impulsive rejection of Terra hurt her enough to prompt her complete turn to the side of evil.

After this point, she was given armor with a neural link to Slade to ensure that she would not rebel and turn back to rejoin the Titans. She was now a cruel villain who attempted to kill the Titans. After taking a beating from both the Titans and Slade, she wished to turn back, and with Beast Boy's help she turned on Slade. But during the fight Terra accidentally triggered a volcano, supposedly killing Slade. The base started erupting and the Titans told Terra to flee with them but she chose not to. She wanted to repair the crimes that she had committed and stayed. There she had ultimately sacrificed herself to save the city and turned into a stone statue. The Titans, vowing to find a way to reverse the process that turned her into stone, laid a plaque at her "grave" that read:

TERRA. A Teen Titan. A True Friend.

Of course, Terra would not remain a statue forever. During the time when the Titans were off fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, somehow, Terra was freed from her stone statue prison. She adopted a new life as a High School student, where she seemed to be happy. When the Titans did return to the city, Beast Boy spotted her in the crowd. He pursued her the next day and attempted to make her remember her past, but she either refused to remember, or she simply could not remember. Beast Boy informed the others but they were baffled. All of their attempts to reverse the stoning process were futile and they came up with some possibilities such as maybe the the effect wore off. After fighting one of Slade's robots, which informed Beast Boy that he had nothing to do with her return and to just accept the fact that things change. Beast Boy confronted Terra at school who told him that the girl he once knew and loved was just a memory. She then faded away into the crowd and Beast Boy left to assist his teammates.

In Teen Titans Go!, a comic book based on the TV series, she makes a few appearances. In Issue #51 is set after the series finale of the animated series. Terra's brother, Geo-Force, arrives at Titans Tower and relates Terra's origin: she was the Princess of Markovia, and along with her brother was experimented on by sinister interests within the royal court, which gave them both earth-based superpowers. Feeling exploited, Terra ran away, leading to the events of the animated series. At the end of the story, Geo-Force and Beast Boy consider visiting Terra at her school, but decide to leave her be, as she is the happiest she has ever been.


  • Geokinesis: Terra is able to control and manipulate the earth and all earth-related substances and materials and use them either as useful makeshift weapons or as transportation. She can also focus her innate geokinetic powers and abilities to blast her way through solid rock. She soon demonstrated much, much better control over her powers and abilities able to create various shapes and creatures that can act on their own accord, but under her control out of solid rock. However when her geokinetic powers and abilities had reached their limits she was able to inadvertently create a big massive volcano that was strong and powerful enough to obliterate the entire city.



  • Power Instability: Terra, although she had improved over time, always had difficulty controlling her powers.



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