Tashana, operating under the name Lady Quark, came from an Earth universe that was ruled by a superpowered monarchy. She, her husband Karak (Lord Volt), and her daughter Princess Fern were a family of metahumans that possessed various superhuman abilities.

Lady Quark's husband and daughter are both killed when Earth-Six is destroyed during the Crisis. She is saved at the last minute by Pariah, a dimensional traveler. She helps most of the multiverse's surviving heroes and they journey to the Dawn of Time to battle the Anti-Monitor.

After the Crisis was over, Lady Quark resettles on Earth with Pariah and Harbinger. Missing her husband, she approached Will Payton, Starman, with the idea of having him become her consort. Payton rejected her advances.[1] Lady Quark is eventually recruited by Vril Dox to be become a member of the peace-keeping force L.E.G.I.O.N..[2] During her stay with the team, an alternate time-line presents itself when Dox captures the time-traveler Waverider. Quark, Dox and Waverider then merge into a powerful, murderous dictator.[3]


Lady Quark is apparently killed after a parasitic shapeshifter absorbs her memories and powers.[4] The shapeshifter replaces her in L.E.G.I.O.N., but later dies.[5] Lady Quark's corpse is seen floating in space, heavily maimed. Eleven years later, she returns alive and well without explanation[6] and is captured by Sinestro at Alexander Luthor, Jr.'s request. She is imprisoned on Luthor's tower; its purpose is to bring the core Earths of the Multiverse back into existence. She is later freed and joins Earth's heroes in defeating Luthor. She recently appears again during the Sinestro Corps War.[7]


Lady Quark is a metahuman with the ability to absorb and emit nuclear energies. She can direct these energies as percussive forces from her body. Her powers allow her to fly and travel through space.



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