Taz (her real name being unpronouncable) came from a world that was occupied by two distinct races of alien beings, both of which were at war with each other. The battle claimed casualties on both sides, but more so for Taz's people, which included her husband. She was presumably the only member of her race left on the planet, pregnant with her husband's offspring, when Babe and Hukka had arrived in a crashed shuttlecraft, trying to follow Morphea after she left Scanner One to rescue Christopher Champion from the Dark Destroyer. Originally she greeted the two alien visitors with unbridled hostility, but eventually she accepted their company as they helped each other out, reaching the last stronghold of the opposing race and finally defeating them for good before she buried her dead husband. As Scanner One found the world that Babe and Hukka crash-landed on for a rescue, Babe asked if she (who at that time was referred to as "Shorty-Man") would be allowed to come on board, and Martin Champion accepted. Tukla Oly (Pakrat) amusingly watched as "Shorty-Man" walked past him to board Scanner One, but was suddenly jabbed in the stomach by her, causing him to curse her while holding his stomach. The crew gave her the name Taz, which was short for "Tasmanian devil", because they thought she was cute like a buzzsaw.

Over time, as the crew got used to Taz being on board and playing with Babe and Hukka, they noticed her having stomachaches that she refused to let anyone else know about. However, as Taz was attacked by Kargg being on board following the Dark Destroyer's detonation of the anti-matter bomb, Morphea was the one who sensed that Taz was pregnant. When it came time for delivery, she allowed Taz to be alone in a secluded place where she gave birth to ten very healthy, very lively, and very hungry "Tazlings" who were very incredibly proficient with technology for their age. They helped for a time restore Blackjak's normal vision in his left eye by giving him a new organic eye to replace the cybernetic camera eye he was using. However, as the new eye was giving Blackjak pain from all the sensory information it was picking up, the Tazlings restored the use of his cybernetic eye. They also constructed the Multiversal transporter through which Martin Champion and the new Atari Force team had used to relocate themselves to Old Earth.