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"Black Diamond Probability, Mission One: Black Ops": Facility 9, aka the Float, has gone radio silent, and John Lynch sends Team 7 to investigate - not just to see what happened, but as a test of their ability to cooperate. The Float is a pri

Quote1 What can I say? I hate heights....and I might have impulse control issues. Quote2
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Appearing in "Black Diamond Probability, Mission One: Black Ops"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Facility 9 (The Float) (First appearance)


  • The Majestic Project (Mentioned only)



Synopsis for "Black Diamond Probability, Mission One: Black Ops"

Facility 9, aka the Float, has gone radio silent, and John Lynch sends Team 7 to investigate - not just to see what happened, but as a test of their ability to cooperate. The Float is a prison designed to be inescapable. It floats five miles above the ground, and has no fixed location, meaning that any possible escapee has nowhere to go.

Wreckless pilot Summer Ramos brings their aircraft close to the facility, and the team marvels at the thing's ability to stay in the air. Unfortunately, Summer fails to anticipate the facility's defenses, and they come under fire. She loses control, and they are forced to perform a dump and run, meaning that they will have to do a free-fall jump to the facility's surface, from the plane.

Awkwardly, they jump for it, and Kurt Lance - an inexperienced operative, despite his tracking skills - loses his footing and nearly falls to his death. His girlfriend Dinah Drake - a much more experienced operative - shows her weakness when she nearly leaps after him. Fortunately, James Bronson uses his well-equipped suit to swing down and rescue Kurt. Grumpily, Slade Wilson warns that Kurt's clumsiness could get them all killed. Though she defends him, Amanda Waller agrees that he should be more careful.

Before they can fully decide on a course of action Cole Cash blows a hole into the side of the Float, and enters it, prompting the others to follow. Inside, the walls are covered in blood spatters and strange written script, which Waller identifies as pre-Sumerian.

A sound prompts Dinah and Kurt to investigate, and they eventually find a civilian woman cowering under a piece of debris. However, not long after dropping their guard, she suddenly transforms and attacks them. Without hesitation, the team kills her. However, they are soon overrun by hundreds of other prisoners who have been affected by the same transformation.


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