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Team Luthor

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Superman (depending upon the crisis at hand); Metropolis Special Crimes Unit


Created in the wake of the Death of Superman

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Team Luthor was a privatized civilian security force developed by Lex Luthor. At the time of its formation, Luthor established this security force to replace Superman during a period when the Man of Steel was in self-imposed exile from the planet Earth. Although Luthor seemingly perished in an airplane crash shortly thereafter, Team Luthor continued to function.

Although his body was destroyed, Lex had his mental engrams placed into a clone body and he returned to Metropolis under the alias of his own son Lex Luthor II. This iteration of Luthor was widely respected by the citizens of Metropolis and no one realized that he was actually the real Lex Luthor. Lex re-established Team Luthor to bolster his own standing in the community and to fill the vacuum left behind following the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday.[1]

To this end, he petitioned city council members and Mayor Frank Berkowitz to grant Team Luthor full police powers. He promised that he would use his team to crack down on street vigilantes such as the Thorn and Gangbuster. Luthor did have a handful of super-powered agents under his employ as well. The other-dimensional entity known as Matrix (also known as Supergirl) was a loyal employee of LexCorp and a valued member of Team Luthor.[2]

During the "Reign of the Supermen!", Luthor had Matrix use her feminine wiles to convince the neophyte clone hero Superboy to join Team Luthor as well.[3]

During the "Battle for Metropolis", armored Team Luthor squadrons (dubbed the Lex-Men) were sent into the field to assist the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit against the rampaging Underworlders.[4]

At this time, Luthor's body was suffering the ravages of a debilitating virus that was affecting all known clones. When he learned that Project Cadmus' chief of security Guardian held the key to finding a cure, Luthor sent a squadron of agents to Cadmus to acquire the cure by force. Failing that, they were instructed to destroy the Cadmus facility. Team Luthor engaged Superman in combat, but they were unable to sanction the Guardian. As a result, they attacked the laboratory's power cure, causing it to overload. The resulting meltdown destroyed Cadmus Labs.[5]


Equipment: Non-powered members of Team Luthor wore special armored battlesuits equipped with a wide range of weaponry. Executive members of Team Luthor, notably Luthor himself utilized the state of the art LX-20 Body Armor.


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