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The Techno-Vest was invented by a mysterious scientist known only as the Technician.


The Techno-Vest was invented by a mysterious scientist known only as the Technician.

The Techno-Vest is a mechanical harness that is worn strapped about a user's mid-section. It contains several flexible connector housings on each side, which allows for the installation of a wide variety of modular, mechanical prosthetics. The vest itself can automatically adapt to accommodate different appendages, including those not initially compatible with the vest's design structure.

Through a means that has never been revealed, a user wearing the vest can manipulate several prosthetics of varying mass without undue physical strain on his or her person. The prosthetics obeys the commands of the user through a cybernetic connection with the vest itself.

To date, there has only been one beneficiary of the Technician's Techno-Vest – the super-villain known as Sidearm. Sidearm used the Techno-Vest in the hopes of begetting a lucrative criminal career in Metropolis, but his efforts failed, due in no small part to an encounter with the teen-hero, Superboy. Superboy has faced Sidearm several times and destroyed the villain's prosthetics with his tactile telekinesis.


  • The vest establishes a cybernetic link with its wearer and can transmit commands into the mechanical appendages. Each appendage can function independent of one another, pending the desires of the user.
  • The vest can fuse incompatible cybernetics into its flex-housings and adapt them for functional use.


  • Although the vest allows for a cybernetic connection with its user, this does not mean that a person needs to be a cyborg in order to benefit from the Techno-Vest's capabilities.


  • The visual design of Sidearm's mechanical arms is reminiscent of two pre-existing comic book characters; one is the Marvel Comics villain, Doctor Octopus, and the other is Morgan Stryker from Top Cow's Cyberforce.

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