Ted Dymer had always been obsessed with toys. Eventually, he came to own a toy shop, living out his dream of being surrounded by toys. He realized soon that toys would cost him a lot of money if he wanted to continue buying more. Veteran actor Simon Trent, who would frequent the store to sell his Gray Ghost collectibles, reminded Dymer of an episode of his show in which a villain held the city at ransom by using toy cars strapped with bombs. Dymer reproduced the episode down to using the very same cars to commit his bombings. Eventually, Batman and Trent (wearing his old Gray Ghost costume) figure out Dymer's scheme and arrested him, his toy shop burning to the ground during the struggle. He wept over his destroyed toys before being taken into custody.



Toy cars equipped with bombs and various other toys.

  • Ted Dymer was voiced by series creator Bruce Timm, on whom his appearance is based.



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