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This is the Ted Kord disambiguation page.

Current alternate identity: Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle Ted Kord 0001
Ted Kord was the second hero to call himself Blue Beetle, successor to Dan Garrett and predecessor to Jaime Reyes. Garrett was his mentor and he vowed to take up the crime-fighting legacy, although when he found himself unable to activate the Blue Beetle Scarab he turned to science and martial arts instead. He is supposedly one of the smartest men in the DC Universe, and puts his inventions to public use through Kord Enterprises. He has been a member of Justice League International, the Living Assault Weapons and the Birds of Prey. His most enduring partnership is with his best friend Booster Gold. Ted Kord was created by Steve Ditko for Charlton Comics, first appearing in Captain Atom (Charlton) #83. (1966)


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