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Teen Titans Annual Vol 3 1


Teen Titans Annual Vol 3 1

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"Love & War": In the wake of Superboy's devastating battle with Superboy-Prime, the boy of steel is brought back to Titans Tower and placed inside a special restorative healing tank. Lex Luthor uses a short-range teleporter to sneak inside

Quote1 Did Robin just point at Superman? Quote2
-- Raven

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Synopsis for "Love & War"

In the wake of Superboy's devastating battle with Superboy-Prime, the boy of steel is brought back to Titans Tower and placed inside a special restorative healing tank. Lex Luthor uses a short-range teleporter to sneak inside the tower to monitor Superboy's progress. Robin and Wonder Girl then walk in and attempt to stop Luthor, but he teleports away after a few barbed taunts.

Raven informs Robin of the recent devastation taking place in Blüdhaven, and he takes off to lend a hand. Cassie stays behind to watch over Superboy. When they arrive, they find dozens of heroes struggling to rescue people following a recent attack by Chemo. While Raven reels from the influx of emotional energy, Robin faces the Fearsome Five. Psimon keeps him off his feet, but falters when Superman arrives to lend a hand by way of a blast of arctic-breath. A frustrated Robin tells Superman that he is taking charge of the rescue efforts in Blüdhaven. Superman (who has to take care of business elsewhere), trusts Robin's leadership capabilities and tells the extraneous heroes to follow his lead.

Back at Titans Tower, Superboy awakens from his chemical bath and speaks with Cassie. He is still recuperating from his injuries and decides to take Cassie back to his home in Smallville. He shows her his private loft and the two make love.

The following morning, Jonathan and Martha Kent discover the two in the barn. Martha visibly disapproves of their actions but recognizes that Superboy has been through a lot lately. She invites Cassie into the main house for some breakfast.

In Blüdhaven, the rescue efforts continue, but it is a slow and arduous task. Robin leads the Titans and works tirelessly to save as many people as possible.



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