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Teen Titans Go Vol 1 13


Teen Titans Go Vol 1 13

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"What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?": The Titans are mid-interrogation with a nerdy man. They are talking to him about his odd "condition." He asks if he can stay with the Titans for a night since everyone else has turned him down. The Titans huddle to discuss. They agree to watch the man, Mr. Wolf, for

Quote1 How much trouble can an old dude be? Quote2
-- Cyborg

Appearing in "What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?"

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Synopsis for "What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?"

The Titans are mid-interrogation with a nerdy man. They are talking to him about his odd "condition." He asks if he can stay with the Titans for a night since everyone else has turned him down. The Titans huddle to discuss. They agree to watch the man, Mr. Wolf, for the night.

Mr. Wolf says that their help is not needed for another three days. He will return on Halloween night. The Titans seem confused. Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Robin all count to three and point at Beast Boy. They all decided, with their own odd system, that he has to babysit Mr. Wolf on Halloween while the others trick-or-treat.

Halloween night, Cyborg explains their system of choosing the sucker to Sarah Simms. After he is done, she thanks him for helping to chaperone the trick-or-treaters with her.

Back at Titans Tower, Beast Boy sits with Mr. Wolf sleepily in the kitchen. Mr. Wolf blabbers questions which Beast Boy doesn't have answers to. Beast Boy tries to pass the time by offering Mr. Wolf a game station controller. Beast Boy begins to play but, as he does, Mr. Wolf begins to shake violently.

In the city, the rest of the Titans are patroling the streets. Raven bumps into Goth Boy and they get into a conversation about how stupid Halloween is.

In the tower, Mr. Wolf begins to transform. Beast Boy isw still obliviously playing video games. He turns around and sees Mr. Wolf, turned into a werewolf! Beast Boy changes animal forms constantly, telling Mr. Wolf he is a shape-shifter as well. However, Mr. Wolf has no memory of his human self. He is all monster werewolf right now.

Mr. Wolf, now a hideous werewolf, begins to chase Beast Boy all throughout the tower. Beast Boy runs out of the tower and into town where he soon meets up with the other Teen Titans. They all realize why Mr. Wolf wanted their protection so badly. As Mr. Wolf begins to attack a hot dog stand, Robin and Starfire arrive and begin to fight the monster. The Titans are not enough, though, and Mr. Wolf escapes into the city.

The rest of the Titans soon find Beast Boy, who had just bought a pizza because he was hungry. Robin confiscates the pizza from Beast Boy and runs after Mr. Wolf. Beast Boy and Cyborg continue as well. As they are running, Cyborg continues to nag Beast Boy about letting Mr. Wolf out of Titans Tower and not watching him properly.

Soon after, Robin leaves a trail of pizza slices, which Mr. Wolf sniffs out and begins to follow. The pizza leads him into a trap where all of the Titans jump the werewolf. They easily tie him up and watch him for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Robin apologizes for not taking Mr. Wolf very seriously. Mr. Wolf does not mind and says that the reason he did not tell them he was a werewolf was because he didn't want to be denied help again. Mr. Wolf gladly excalims that the Titans are his heroes. He begins to leave Titans Tower before telling them he will come back next month for another night of protection.

Appearing in "Out of the Dark Cloud"

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  • Smugglers

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Synopsis for "Out of the Dark Cloud"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This issue shipped on November 24th, 2004.
  • The tagline for this issue is "Beast Boy in - Bark at the Moon". Bark at the Moon was also the name of a 1983 album and title track by British heavy metal artist Ozzy Osbourne.


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