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Patrick Martin/Cover Artist, Dan Jurgens/Writer, Dan Jurgens/Penciler, Phil Jimenez/Inker, Gregory Wright/Colourist, Comicraft/Letterer, Dana Kurtin/Editor, Eddie Berganza/Editor, Antonia Monetti (New Earth)/Quotes, Teen Titans (New Earth)/Appearances, Antonia Monetti (New Earth)/Appearances, Raymond Palmer (New Earth)/Appearances, Frederick Freeman (New Earth)/Appearances, Fringe (New Earth)/Appearances, Audrey Spears (New Earth)/Appearances, Cody Driscoll (New Earth)/Appearances, Roy Harper (New Earth)/Appearances, Grant Emerson (New Earth)/Appearances, Bartholomew Allen II (New Earth)/Appearances, Sandy Anderson (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, James Olsen (New Earth)/Appearances, Kid Emotion (New Earth)/Appearances, Timothy Drake (New Earth)/Appearances, Ceritak (New Earth)/Appearances, Solution (New Earth)/Appearances, Kon-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Matrix (Pocket Universe)/Appearances, Sweet Sixteen (New Earth)/Appearances, Axis (New Earth)/Appearances, Baran Flinders (New Earth)/Appearances, The Veil/Appearances, N'Takki (New Earth)/Appearances, Ashbury Armstrong (New Earth)/Appearances, Daniel Turpin (New Earth)/Appearances, Alexander Luthor (New Earth)/Appearances, Lena Luthor II (New Earth)/Appearances, Max Mercury (New Earth)/Appearances, Misa (New Earth)/Appearances, Stephanie Brown (New Earth)/Appearances, Steven Lombard (New Earth)/Appearances, Slabside Penitentiary/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, Comics, 1998, 1998, February, 1997, December (Publication), Teen Titans Vol 2, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Teen Titans Vol 2 17


Teen Titans Vol 2 17

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"New Life": Cody Driscoll decides to turn himself in for breaking into NORAD all those months ago. He is taken to Slabside Penitentiary where he encounters villains such as Axis and Mammoth.

Quote1 I thought having public tryouts for the team would be killer... I never thought we'd actually get killed! Quote2
-- Argent

Appearing in "New Life"

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  • The Stain



  • Veil's hovercraft

Synopsis for "New Life"

Cody Driscoll decides to turn himself in for breaking into NORAD all those months ago. He is taken to Slabside Penitentiary where he encounters villains such as Axis and Mammoth.

Meanwhile, the remaining Teen Titans decide to hold a recruitment drive for new members on the roof of a popular Metropolis arcade called The Stain. People who show up for the event include Captain Marvel, Jr., Arsenal, Fringe, Superboy, Supergirl, Robin and many others. In the middle of the auditions, the Veil attacks the building and a huge fight breaks out. The assembled heroes manage to drive the The Veil away and the Titans acquire two new members - Captain Marvel, Jr. and Fringe.

After everything settles down, Superboy alerts the other Titans that Cody Driscoll is at the Slab.


  • Steve Lombard is shown broadcasting the regular news in this issue even though he is strictly a sports columnist.


  • The character next to Dan Turpin on page 8 is named Blaine T. Randall. Blaine is from Vancouver and was the winner of the Titans Beat contest in which contestants had to be born on the same date and year that the Titans members were born on.

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