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Teen Titans Vol 2 4


Teen Titans Vol 2 4

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"Coming Out (Part I of II)": Nightwing comes to Gotham City and assists Robin with taking down some common street thugs. He asks Tim if he has heard anything about this new group calling themselves the [[Teen Titans (New Earth)|Te

Quote1 So. You're the guys who swiped the Teen Titans name. Quote2
-- Nightwing

Appearing in "Coming Out (Part I of II)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Judge Crockett
  • Mrs. Crockett



  • Training robot


Synopsis for "Coming Out (Part I of II)"

Nightwing comes to Gotham City and assists Robin with taking down some common street thugs. He asks Tim if he has heard anything about this new group calling themselves the Teen Titans. Tim admits that he hasn't heard anything. Discovering that this group is operating under the guidance of Nightwing's old contact, Loren Jupiter, they decide to take a trip out to Metropolis.

At the Solar Tower, the kids are adjusting to their new home and their new powers. Isaiah Crockett's parents come to visit and although they are concerned, they support Isaiah's decision to stay with Jupiter. Isaiah's father suggests that he should change his code name from Slager to Joto.

Toni, Prysm and Cody decide to go out into the city for some shopping. Armed with Loren Jupiter's expense account, Toni buys $2,065.00 worth of clothes and Cody buys a $230,000 sports car. When they return to the Tower, Mister Jupiter admonishes Cody at length for such a frivolously expensive purchase.

Mister Jupiter then puts the Titans through their paces. He has them engage in a training scenario in the Tower's combat center, the Pressure Chamber. The kids experiment with their powers as they try to avoid a variety of projectile weapons. Prysm is startled when she encounters one of the training robots, which bears a strong resemblance to the models used by the H'San Natall. Joto uses his powers to send a heat pulse through the walls of the chamber, enabling him to fry the room's circuits. This tactic works only too well and he blows a hole in the side of the Tower.

Meanwhile, 900 miles away in the town of Leesburg, Virginia, Linda Danvers and her friend Mattie Harcourt are walking through the woods when they hear a strange sound. Linda excuses herself, morphs into Supergirl and goes to investigate. She discovers the sound originating from a strange alien creature. The creature is being chased by a squad of armored men. The men use knockout gas to incapacitate Supergirl and the creature.

Back in Metropolis, Argent creates a plasma slide to catch the Titans as they begin spilling out of the hole in the Tower that Joto created. As she brings them to a nearby roof, they find Nightwing, Robin and Captain Marvel, Jr. waiting for them.


  • This book was first published on November 27, 1996.
  • Chapter One of the "Coming Out" story-arc.
  • Issue includes Teen Titans Profile #4: Joto.
  • Isaiah Crockett ceases to use the code name Slager and begins referring to himself as Joto in this issue.


  • "Joto" is Swahili for heat.
  • Judge Crockett has often worked alongside the Atom's ex-wife, Jean Loring.

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