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Teen Titans Vol 3 1


Teen Titans Vol 3 1

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"Teen Titans": Superman approaches Superboy and asks him to become part of a new group of Teen Titans. Superboy is still in mourning over the recent loss of Donna Troy, and is unsure whether he is ready to join another team. Superman convinces him to at least give it a

Quote1 It's hard being a kid today. Quote2
-- Martha Kent

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Synopsis for "Teen Titans"

Superman approaches Superboy and asks him to become part of a new group of Teen Titans. Superboy is still in mourning over the recent loss of Donna Troy, and is unsure whether he is ready to join another team. Superman convinces him to at least give it a shot.

In Gotham City, a similar conversation takes place between Batman and Robin. Robin asks his mentor why he endorses this idea, and Batman tells Tim that he needs to spend time with his friends.

In Keystone City, Flash speaks with Jay Garrick about allowing Impulse into the Teen Titans. Jay admits that the opportunity would give Joan and he a chance to take some time for themselves. Wally does not feel that Bart joining the Titans may be the best of ideas.

Starfire approaches Wonder Girl at Gateway City High School and extends her the offer to join the Teen Titans. Cassie feels like a complete outcast at her school and feels that the Teen Titans may be exactly what she needs.

The new Teen Titans show up at their new headquarters – a surrogate Titans Tower located near San Francisco Bay in California. Although the separate generations of Titans are committed towards working with one another, there is great tension in the air. The deaths of former Titans, Lilith Clay and Donna Troy weighs heavily upon them.

Later that evening, an anonymous computer operator going by the name of Snapdragon, sends Robin a curious email. The message reveals confidential information concerning his teammate, Superboy. Robin discovers that Superboy's DNA is composed of cloned Kryptonian and human DNA samples. The human cell structure is genetically identical to Superman's arch-foe – Lex Luthor.


  • This book was first published on July 16, 2003.
  • This is the third series to utilize the title, Teen Titans. The original Teen Titans comic centered on the adventures of the original Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash (along with many others). A second short-lived Titans series began publication in 1996 and focused on an entirely unique roster of characters. The current team is an amalgamation of members from the recently disbanded, Titans, and the core members of the equally defunct, Young Justice.
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition reprints of this issue were published with black and white cover illustrations provided by Michael Turner.
  • Lex Luthor makes a behind-the-scenes appearance only in this issue.
  • Impulse is shown dressed as Kid Flash on the cover, but does not actually don the costume until the last page in issue #4.
  • Raven appears on the cover to this issue, but does not actually make an appearance.


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