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Teen Titans Vol 3 11


Teen Titans Vol 3 11

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"Raven Rising, Part II": The Titans fall down into a dark precipice, deep below the bowels of the Church of Blood. Several of them are separated from one another and force their find their own way back to the altar chambers.

Quote1 I've never felt comfortable around anyone. Even myself. Quote2
-- Raven

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Synopsis for "Raven Rising, Part II"

The Titans fall down into a dark precipice, deep below the bowels of the Church of Blood. Several of them are separated from one another and force their find their own way back to the altar chambers.

Robin and Starfire are scrounging to find their way when they come upon Deathstroke and Ravager. Deathstroke tells them that he is the only capable of navigating these labyrinth corridors. He’ll help get the Titans back to the surface if they agree to hand Raven over to them. Starfire seals the deal.

They eventually claw their way back up to Brother Blood's domain. Blood is engaging the remaining Titans. He has already tasted Superboy's strength and now tries to latch onto Cyborg. He bites through one of his 'veins' but is disgusted to learn that Cyborg's blood is actually synthetic oil.

Brother Blood is distracted enough that loses his hold on Beast Boy. Beast Boy turns back into Gar and rescues Raven. Raven tells him that without her 'chakra', her powers are greatly diminished. Deathstroke edges up close, ready to finish Raven off but suddenly Starfire blasts him in the back with a star bolt. She had no intention of handing Raven over to him. Deathstroke spins around ready to blast Starfire with his shotgun when suddenly Raven musters up the strength to open her soul self.

Deathstroke, Ravager and the Titans are swallowed up inside of Raven's soul and rematerialize on a bizarre dimensional plane. Above them, Joey Wilson – Jericho emerges larger than life declaring that he will avenge himself against his father, Deathstroke.


  • This book was first published on May 12, 2004.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Teen Titans: Family Lost trade paperback.
  • With this issue, the followers of Brother Blood are revealed to be a cult of Trigon worshippers. In all previous incarnations of the cult, a connection between Brother Blood and Trigon has never been established until now.
  • Rose Wilson makes reference to the death of Wintergreen in this issue. Jericho (acting through Deathstroke), murdered Wintergreen in issue #2.


  • This comic book includes advertisements for the following products:
—Urban Pipeline clothing
—Juicy Fruit chewing gum
—Invader Zim animated series DVD collection
—Schoolastic Books – Andy Griffith series of children’s books
—Custom Robo video game for Nintendo Gamecube
—Magic the Gathering customizable card game
—Smallville season 2 DVD collection
—Transformers video game for Playstation 2
—Truth – anti-smoking public service announcement
—DC Comics – Justice League of America: Another Nail trade paperback

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