"Beast Boys & Girls, Part I: Concrete Jungle": Thirteen-years-ago

Quote1 This will protect my secret identity. Why would anyone ever think Kid Flash would have a Green Lantern tattoo? It's genius! Quote2
-- Kid Flash

Appearing in "Beast Boys & Girls, Part I: Concrete Jungle"

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Other Characters:

  • Christopher Dukellis (Single appearance)
  • Jenny (Single appearance)
  • Marie Logan (Flashback only)
  • Mark Logan (Flashback only)




Synopsis for "Beast Boys & Girls, Part I: Concrete Jungle"

Garfield Logan contracted a rare disease called Sakutia when he was bitten by a poisonous green monkey. His father Mark Logan and Doctor Samuel Register cured Gar, but as a side-effect, he turned green and inherited the ability to shape-change into any animal that he chose.

The Present
All of the Titans who had been bitten by Brother Blood go to St. Luke's Hospital for blood testing. Cyborg becomes concerned when he notices that Beast Boy appears to have developed a cold.

Meanwhile, Starfire, Raven, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash go out shopping. Raven and Kid Flash get tattoos, but Bart's tattoo (a Green Lantern symbol) disappears as his super-speed automatically heals all wounds. Cassie begins to wonder where Superboy is.

Superboy has flown to Gotham City to find out who this new hero posing as Robin is. He snags the female Robin out of the air and presses her for information concerning Tim's whereabouts. Batman shows up and tells Conner to leave Robin alone. He tells him to find Tim on his own.

Back in San Francisco, strange things are developing. Several local children find themselves turning green and transforming into large animals – much the same way that Beast Boy does. Several elephants, rhinos and bison begin stampeding all across town. Cyborg does everything he can to calm the animals down. Beast Boy however, is unable to help. He stumbles backwards and discovers that not only has he lost his ability to shape-shift, he also turned white.


  • First and only appearance of Raven's back tattoo. In later issues as well as the DC Special: Raven limited series, the tattoo is noticeably absent. No explanation is ever provided for why she no longer has it. In all likelihood, modern artists have forgotten that she had it done.


  • This comic book includes advertisements for the following products:
— Catwoman the movie multi-platform video game
— Magic the Gathering: Fifth Dawn online supplement
— Teen Titans animated series action figures and accessories
— AVP: Alien vs. Predator movie
— Magic the Gathering customizable card game
— Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
— Justice League: Starcrossed the Movie DVD
— Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban multi-platform video game
— Clearasil Ultra facial cleanser

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