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Teen Titans Vol 3 15


Teen Titans Vol 3 15

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"Beast Boys and Girls, Part 3: Changelings": Doctor Register fires a tranquilizer dart into Beast Boy's neck rendering him unconscious. He believes that Garfield's mutated gene structure holds th

Quote1 Hey, Barney! Pick on someone your own size! Quote2
-- Beast Boy

Appearing in "Beast Boys and Girls, Part 3: Changelings"

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Synopsis for "Beast Boys and Girls, Part 3: Changelings"

Doctor Register fires a tranquilizer dart into Beast Boy's neck rendering him unconscious. He believes that Garfield's mutated gene structure holds the cure to the Sakutia infection. Suddenly, Cyborg bursts into the hospital room and begins fighting Dr. Register. Register transforms into a serpent and they dive out of the window.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girl is mystically transported to the armory of the Greek God, Ares. Ares encourages her to properly learn the nuances of her new lasso, and warns her that a critical moment will soon arise, which will greatly alter her life.

On the streets of San Francisco, Doctor Register shape shifts into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and goes on a rampage. Garfield realizes that the only way to stop the changeling is with another changeling. He convinces Dr. Rovin to administer a shot of the mutated Sakutia sample into him. Gar Logan transforms once more into the Beast Boy.

Beast Boy shifts into the form of a green Tyrannosaurus and begins wrestling about with the purple dinosaur form of Dr. Register. Once he gets in close, he transforms into a Sydney Funnel Web spider and knocks Register out with a dose of venom.

With Garfield back in his normal form, the cure for the mutated viral side effects becomes airborne. By the following day, Doctor Register and the children of San Francisco revert to their normal forms.

Meanwhile in the 31st century, Brainiac 5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes sends Superboy through a time portal back to the 21st century.


  • Teen Titans issue numbers 15 and 16 were shipped bi-weekly.


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