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Teen Titans Vol 3 16


Teen Titans Vol 3 16

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"Superboy and the Legion, Part One": Conner and Cassie are sitting in the Sea Lion Café talking about their families. Suddenly, Superboy's x-ray vision begins to go out of control. Before he can really think more upon it, a dimensio

Quote1 Prepare... to scream. Quote2
-- Raven

Appearing in "Superboy and the Legion, Part One"

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Synopsis for "Superboy and the Legion, Part One"

Conner and Cassie are sitting in the Sea Lion Café talking about their families. Suddenly, Superboy's x-ray vision begins to go out of control. Before he can really think more upon it, a dimensional aperture opens up and sucks him inside of it. He returns a few seconds later, but now he appears to be slightly older and is wearing a Superman costume.

Superboy and Wonder Girl race back to Titans Tower. They burst inside the dining hall and begin to explain how much the future depends on them right now. But before Superboy can go any further, a futuristic villain called the Persuader arrives via a similar dimensional time portal. The Teen Titans attack the Persuader but he easily keeps them back with an energy axe. He taunts Superboy and dares him to follow him as he jumps back through the time portal.

Superboy hands the rest of the Titans seven Legion flight rings and tells them that they are now deputized members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. They jump through the time portal before it closes.

They arrive in the 31st century where they meet the Legion of Super-Heroes. Superboy has been working alongside them for five months now, but was forced to return to the past to get some help. They all fly towards Legion World, a planetary headquarters. Cosmic Boy explains that the Persuader has been using his atomic axe to slice into parallel dimensions. He has been recruiting dimensional counterpart members to form an extraordinary team of super-villains. When the Legion arrives on Legion World, they find that it is being devastated by the Fatal Five-Hundred!


  • Teen Titans issue numbers 15 and 16 were shipped bi-weekly.


  • Robin is shown to be hiding his emotions in this issue. This is because his girlfriend Spoiler died during War Games.[1] Batman broke the news to him afterward.[2]

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