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Teen Titans Vol 3 23


Teen Titans Vol 3 23

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"Lights Out, Part III: Secrets and Lies": The largest assemblage of Titans ever, past and present, converges on Dr. Light's location. Dr. Light is a lot more aggressive than he used to be and he spares no expense at delivering the most lethal light blasts

Quote1 You're a Titan, Speedy! Now and forever! Quote2
-- Kid Flash

Appearing in "Lights Out, Part III: Secrets and Lies"

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Synopsis for "Lights Out, Part III: Secrets and Lies"

The largest assemblage of Titans ever, past and present, converges on Dr. Light's location. Dr. Light is a lot more aggressive than he used to be and he spares no expense at delivering the most lethal light blasts possible. One by one, the Titans take turns at bringing him down, but Light easily bats them by the wayside.

As many of the others are reeling from the effects of one of Dr. Light's larger blasts, Cyborg enters the fray. He has installed light-defense circuitry into his armor and is strong enough to take Light on, one-on-one. Dr. Light punches a whole through Cyborg's systems but Starfire gives him backup and finishes Light off.

Batman and Batgirl arrive shortly after the fight to take Dr. Light to Belle Reve. As they board him aboard a helicopter, it is revealed that this is not truly Batman and Batgirl. It is Deathstroke and Ravager in disguise.

Back at Titans HQ, the Titans discuss rumors surrounding the fact that the old Justice League brainwashed Dr. Light and that he is only now returning to his normal psychotic personality. They decide as a team, that there is no room for secrets among them. Mia decides that this is the perfect opportunity to tell the group that she is HIV positive. Surprisingly, she is not ostracized as she had expected to be. Everyone welcomes her as a permanent member of the Titans.



  • The only surviving former Titan who does not appear in this issue is Golden Eagle. Long presumed dead, Golden Eagle resurfaced in the pages of Hawkman.

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