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Teen Titans Vol 3 25


Teen Titans Vol 3 25

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"The Insiders, Part III of IV": The Teen Titans are at the S.T.A.R. Labs site in Palo Alto. The place is over-run with renegade Superman robots. Brainiac 8 (formerly Indigo of the Outsiders) has set the robots against the Titans.

Quote1 I've studied him for years. I know more about the alien than anyone on Earth. Kryptonite and magic will hurt him -- but that's not what will destroy him. It never will be. You have to reach deeper. You have to find something he loves. Or create something he will love. He loves his boy. And when his boy turns against the Justice League's children, when Superman buries those coffins... well, that... that will kill him. Quote2
-- Lex Luthor

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Synopsis for "The Insiders, Part III of IV"

The Teen Titans are at the S.T.A.R. Labs site in Palo Alto. The place is over-run with renegade Superman robots. Brainiac 8 (formerly Indigo of the Outsiders) has set the robots against the Titans.

The real Brainiac has downloaded his essence into a new body. He confers with Brainiac 8 about the future of his home world Colu. To preserve Colu, certain measures had to be taken. The first was the death of Donna Troy. Now it is time to get rid of the rest of the legacy sidekicks. Wonder Girl freaks out and goes berserk on the Superman robots. The memory of her predecessor’s death is still extremely fresh in her mind.

Just as the Titans finish clearing out the rest of the Superman robots, Lex Luthor and the brainwashed Superboy arrives. Superboy attacks the Titans and unleashes several deadly volleys of heat vision. Cassie snares her magic lasso around Superboy's body and channels all of her rage into it until it generates a massive electric shock. The mystical charge is enough to snap Superboy out of his mental programming.

But then, Brainiac 8 arrives and swoops down and grabs Wonder Girl about the throat.



  • With this issue, DC Comics switches its logo design.

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The Insiders
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