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Teen Titans Vol 3 34


Teen Titans Vol 3 34

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"New Teen Titans, Part 1": Cyborg awakens a year after he went into space during Infinite Crisis. He finds Titans Tower filled with new faces including Kid Devil, The Ravager, and Wendy and Marvin. A fight ensues betw

Quote1 What did you do after Superboy died? You ran away. You went on a trip around the world with Batman. You left me all alone. And now I'm supposed to come back to the Titans because you "need" me? I've spent the last year learning how to not need anyone. Quote2
-- Wonder Girl

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  • Blastocyst Map


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Synopsis for "New Teen Titans, Part 1"

Cyborg awakens a year after he went into space during Infinite Crisis. He finds Titans Tower filled with new faces including Kid Devil, The Ravager, and Wendy and Marvin. A fight ensues between Cyborg and these new Titans until Robin interrupts it. He explains that Kid Devil and the Ravager are now Teen Titans and a lot has changed since Cyborg went into his "coma". He tells Cyborg of Superboy's death and other changes the team has went through in the last year.

Meanwhile, Gemini, working for the Brotherhood of Evil, steals something called the Blastocyst Map from S.T.A.R. Labs. Wonder Girl stops Gemini just in time for the Teen Titans to show up. Ravager mentions that Robin has asked Wonder Girl to join the team three times but she has refused. She says she felt abandoned by Robin when he went off to re-train himself with Batman a year ago.

Later, back at the tower, Cyborg tries to contact Beast Boy (who is now a member of the Doom Patrol), but with no success.

Even later, Robin goes into a lair under Titans Tower, where he apparently is trying to re-clone Superboy (Kon-El).


  • This book was first published on April 5, 2006.
  • This issue shipped with two covers - one by Tony S. Daniel and the other by Ed Benes. A second printing was published on May 3rd, 2006 with the pencil art from the Daniel cover.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Teen Titans: Titans Around the World trade paperback.
  • This issue is published as part of One Year Later and takes place a year after the previous issue.
  • Cyborg sees many flashbacks of things that went on around his body during the missing year including squabbles between Titans.
  • The plastic Titan shown in one of the flashbacks, is Plastic Man's son, Offspring from Joe Kelly's run on JLA & from The Kingdom.


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One Year Later
The events from this issue take place one year after the events of the 2006 limited series Infinite Crisis. This template will categorize articles that include it into Category: 1 Year Later Crossover.

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