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Teen Titans Vol 3 4


Teen Titans Vol 3 4

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"Breaking the Rules": Jericho has taken possession of his father Deathstroke's body. He is determined to stop this new group of Teen Titans from staying together or else there will only be more death. But something about Deathstroke's ps

Quote1 Tell me, Robin -- is that mask bulletproof? Quote2
-- Deathstroke

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Synopsis for "Breaking the Rules"

Jericho has taken possession of his father Deathstroke's body. He is determined to stop this new group of Teen Titans from staying together or else there will only be more death. But something about Deathstroke's psyche is driving Jericho insane. Cyborg and Beast Boy try to stop him, but he hurls Deathstroke's sword through Cyborg's robotic eye and shoots Beast Boy.

Meanwhile, Starfire returns to Titans Tower to make sure that the other Titans are still there. However, they have all left to check on Impulse's injury.

Elsewhere, Raven is running through the woods. A group of hooded men is following her and shoots her in the back with something.

Impulse is in the hospital undergoing surgery to replace the kneecap that was shot off by Deathstroke. Bart heals at super-speed and then takes off for the San Francisco Library. Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl track him down and find that he is reading every book in the entire library at once. While there, the image of Ares appears before Wonder Girl in a pane of glass. He gives her a gift, the golden lasso of Ares.

Suddenly, Deathstroke breaks in and begins fighting the Titans. Robin and he are about to throw down one-on-one when Bart appears ready for action. He is no longer dressed in the red and white costume of Impulse. He is now – Kid Flash!


  • This book was first published on October 15, 2003.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Teen Titans: A Kid's Game trade paperback.
  • This is the final issue featuring Bart Allen as Impulse. From this issue onward, he begins using the name, Kid Flash. The present day Flash, Wally West, was once a member of the original Teen Titans and was the first Kid Flash.


  • This comic book includes advertisements for the following products:
—Magic the Gathering customizable card game
—Zapzyt facial cleanser
—Viewtiful Joe video game for Nintendo Gamecube
—Space Colony video game for the PC
—Hulk motion picture DVD
—Bandai Jagun Fighters game
—Nintendo – Super Mario Bros. 3 video game for the Game Boy Advance
—Simpsons: Hit & Run multi-platform video game
—Grabbed by the Ghoulies video game for the Xbox
—Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds multi-platform video game
—Backyard Wrestling multi-platform video game
—TopGear Rally video game for the Game Boy Advance
—Magic the Gathering super series premium cards (CGC)
—Voodoo Vince video game for the Xbox
—Oxy facial cleanser
—Looney Tunes DVD collection: Reality Check and Stranger Than Fiction
—Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu video multi-platform video game

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