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Teen Titans Vol 3 96


Teen Titans Vol 3 96

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"Beast of Legend": In the past, Solstice's father told her the story of how Rama and the monkey king Hanuman defeated Rankor.

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Synopsis for "Beast of Legend"

In the past, Solstice's father told her the story of how Rama and the monkey king Hanuman defeated Rankor.

In the present, Beast Boy and Solstice fight Rankor's forces to save their friends. Beast Boy tries to free his friends, but as soon as he touches their cells, he is shocked by magic. Solstice tries to fight Rankor's army, but she is overwhelmed. But Beast Boy transforms into a form resembling that of the monkey king, Hanuman, and manages to save Solstice. Then they manage to free their friends.

Suddenly, Rankor attacks them. The Titans fight Rankor's army while Solstice prepares to fight Rankor.


  • This book was first published on June 15, 2011.
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