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Teen Titans Vol 4 17


Teen Titans Vol 4 17

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"Grey Matters - Prologue to A Tale of Dark and Light": Kwon Yi has the metagene, and ever since he learned of his power to create orbs of light, he has wanted to get rid of it. The doctor studying him promises that he intends to bring an end to the boy's suffering.

Appearing in "Grey Matters - Prologue to A Tale of Dark and Light"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Psimon (First appearance)
  • Kwon Yi (Only appearance; dies)
  • Mrs. Barragan
  • Gabriel (First appearance)




Synopsis for "Grey Matters - Prologue to A Tale of Dark and Light"

Kwon Yi has the metagene, and ever since he learned of his power to create orbs of light, he has wanted to get rid of it. The doctor studying him promises that he intends to bring an end to the boy's suffering. The doctor has a reputation for helping young teens get rid of their powers, and Kwon Yi had thought him a legend until now. The doctor introduces the boy to a frightening looking machine, and warns that it will hurt more than anything imaginable. As Kwon Yi begs for reassurance, the doctor disappears before his eyes, and the machine's sharp pincers stab into his spine. Nearby, a disfigured man uses the power he steals from these teens to grow stronger, and one day, he will rise to lead these teens out of darkness.

On the ride back to New York City from Gotham City, Tim Drake worries that he doesn't know what to say to his team mates, since what happened with the Joker. Breaking - and building - the tension, Miguel Barragan pipes up to ask Tim when he will allow them to stop calling him Red Robin, and tell them all his real name. Tim responds that he can't tell them who he really is because the secret isn't entirely his to share. Solstice responds that they will accept his decision, because they are at least happy to call him a friend. Tim appreciates it, but Cassie warns them against getting too mushy.

They are interrupted by the appearance of Kid Flash, who has been scouting ahead, and discovered that their penthouse at LexCorp Tower has been emptied. This is as Red Robin intended, as he has a surprise for them. At the banks of the Hudson River, he has purchased and parked a massive yacht for their new base. The yacht is equipped with several luxurious amenities, with rooms split between the boys and girls. The ship has no crew, though, for the sake of their identities and protection.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Miguel's mother visits Gabriel, her son's boyfriend who is now in a coma. She wishes that Miguel could be there, and that Gabe had not nearly lost his life trying to save his. Their relationship came at a terrible price.

That night, Tim looks up at the stars and speaks aloud about how he never gave up hope that his friends would find him, having already noticed that Kiran was eavesdropping. Sheepishly, she steps out of the shadows and apologizes for having judged him. Putting a hand on her shoulder, Tim remarks that sometimes, it takes a while to see that what people want most in life is only arm's length away. Kiran is confused, but she is soon pulled into a kiss with him. Pulling away, she protests that she has a relationship with Bart. Tim points out that Bart isn't there, and she returns to kissing him.

Nearby, a young man orders a coffee at a local shop, but when he bumps into somebody, he becomes angry, and uses his mind to kill everyone in the area.

Later, Tim waits in his room, and hears a knock on his door. It's Cassandra, wearing one of his shirts. She points out that last time he caught Bart wearing his clothes, he got pretty angry. Tim admits that he has loosened up since then. She explains that she came to thank him for helping her fight Diesel, and in response, Tim pulls her in for a kiss.

After he is alone again, it becomes clear that Tim has been possessed by the power of Trigon, and is being used as a puppet by Raven.


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