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Temple of the Ineffable Tao

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Temple of the Ineffable Tao
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The Temple of the Ineffable Tao was established in Paloma, California by Master Shoju when he moved to America from Japan. Mary, Queen of Blood turned all the monks into vampires in an attempt to recruit them into the Cult of the Blood Red Moon. This failed as the monks were able to ignore their bloodlust through meditation and inner zen. Andrew Bennett, Deborah Dancer and Dmitri Mishkin were manipulated into attacking the peaceful monks by a vampire named Billy Kessler. Realizing his mistake, Bennett turned to stake Kessler and became friends with the monks.[1] Andrew Bennett later returned to the temple when he was considering suicide, and the monks offered to help him. They believed their natural lifespan had come to an end and committed mass suicide at sunrise. This failed to kill Bennett due to protections placed by the Lords of Order.[2] In his rage with no one left to understand, Bennett angrily destroyed the temple.[3]


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