The Tengu is a member of an ancient breed of Japanese goblin beings -- creatures who lived in the mountains of Japan and took great pleasure in tormenting priests and small children. At some indeterminate point in time, the Tengu were imprisoned in some otherwordly dimensional realm.

In the modern era, one particular Tengu goblin broke free of its prison, took possession of a human host nnd began rampaging throughout the Japanese isles. One of his victims included the warrior mother of Ryuko Orsono, a warrior in his own right who took upon the name of Bushido. At this time, the former Teen Titans members known as Beast Boy and Flamebird were present in Japan and witnessed the Tengu battling Bushido. The Tengu recognized Beast Boy as a stronger host and took posession of him. Flamebird tried to stop him, but Bushido insisted that only he could destroy the Tengu. Flamebird sent an emergency S.O.S. to her old teammates in the Titans. When they arrived, Ryuko explained that the only way to destroy the Tengu was through decapitation. The Titans were not about to risk Beast Boy coming to such a grisly end, and labored to find an alternate means of defeating the Tengu. The Tengu opened a dimensional rift, which allowed hordes of smaller Tengu goblins access to the Earth realm. While the Titans fought against the lesser Tengu, Bushido engaged the Tengu possessing Beast Boy. He sliced the creature across the throat with his samurai sword. Although he did not decapitate him, the blow was strong enough to force the Tengu to release Beast Boy's body. The attack re-opened the doorway to the dimensional prison and the Tengu and his goblin followers were pulled back into the realm.




The Tengu must relinquish its control over a host if the host receives grievous injury or is decapitated.


Samurai sword



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