Quote1 Stetson's a hat. My real name is Pritchard! Terry Pritchard! Quote2
-- Terry Stetson src

Terry Pritchard grew up as a farmer in Texas. His family sold the farm to an oil company, and for a while they were prosperous. But when their funds began to deplete, Terry's father turned to gambling, and his mother to alcoholism. They both died from their addictions, and Terry's sister went to Hollywood where she suffered an undescribed trauma. Terry placed the blame on the oil company for their money had destroyed his family. This hatred grew to encompass all big business as well and eventually he desired to see the end to financial empires.

Under an assumed name of Terry Stetson, Terry was hired as an ad executive in the very oil company that ruined his life. After gaining their trust, he began to eliminate them off one by one. Terry assumed the identity of the Scorpion, tracking down businessmen and investors to their homes and murdering them. He took his time with his revenge, possibly because he was falling in love with his boss's daughter Cassandra Cutler. He accompanied her on meetings with a potential investor Wesley Dodds, who was secretly the Sandman. When Dodds refused to invest in the oil company, he became the Scorpion's next intended victim. Dodds eluded Scorpion once, but used himself as bait to draw the vigilante out once again. As Scorpion went searching for him, both the police and Sandman confronted him. Scorpion escaped, but not before being shot. Fleeing to his apartment, he was confronted by Cassandra, who had deduced his secret identity. Scorpion killed her, deciding she was poisoned just like her father. After another long chase, he was left for the police, trussed up with his own bullwhip, by the Sandman.


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