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The wizard who made it possible for Billy Batson to become Captain Marvel is also responsible for empowering the monster known as Black Adam. This enemy of Captain Marvel was born sometime during the 19th dynasty of Egypt. Like Captain Marvel, his power is an amalgamation of six different gods. But unlike him, the power corrupted the man chosen to be the Wizard's champion. Perhaps that is why the Wizard chose a boy when he came to Batson. Children are easier to mold, quicker to learn, easier to put on a path from which they won't deviate.

The Wizard banished Black Adam, casting him beyond all known worlds and solar systems. It seems difficult even to imagine such a possibility, but it took Adam thousands of years to return. His return was marked by the Wizard's choosing of a new champion -- Captain Marvel. He has speed, strength, and the ability to match all of Captain Marvel's powers.




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