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Thaddeus Sivana, Sr. (New Earth)


Thaddeus Sivana, Sr. (New Earth)

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Quote1 Then I've murdered an innocent child. I'll get over it. Quote2
-- Doctor Sivana src

Doctor Sivana was a mad scientist and enemy of Captain Marvel. He was one of the many mad scientists taken to live on Oolong Island.[1] After the events of World War III, Sivana returned to his family's home and encountered Rip Hunter, who accidentally revealed to Sivana about the restored 52 Multiverse.

Sivana was later apprehended by the American government and banished to the planet Salvation. There he teamed up with the other criminal scientists led by Lex Luthor in constructing a make-shift portal back to Earth.[2] Afterwards Sivana joined Libra's Society and became a part of its inner circle. During the Final Crisis, Sivana worked with Lex Luthor in betraying Libra, after being made to watch one of his own daughters succumb to the Anti-Life Equation.[3] Sivana helped in creating a device which shut down Libra's Justifiers helmets, allowing Luthor to attack and apparently kill Libra. Sivana and Luthor later helped in the resistance against Darkseid and saving all of reality by contributing their intellectual skills to construct the Miracle Machine.[4]

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