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The Authority: More Kev Vol 1 4


The Authority: More Kev Vol 1 4

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"The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers, Conclusion": Kev and his friends are in shame for the former's actions in apparently destroying the Carrier and killing the Authority. However, Kev quickly becomes unsympathetic for what he done and rants that the world is better off without the Authority, and

Quote1 Well, here's to you, Danny. You're a better man than I am, mate. Quote2
-- Kev Hawkins

Appearing in "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers, Conclusion"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Roger Grivell/Slippery B'Eeef The Planet Thief

Other Characters:

  • Rakulai
  • Stripey (Flashback only)


  • Hereford
  • The Teeth In A Basket



Synopsis for "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers, Conclusion"

Kev and his friends are in shame for the former's actions in apparently destroying the Carrier and killing the Authority. However, Kev quickly becomes unsympathetic for what he done and rants that the world is better off without the Authority, and especially decrying on Apollo and Midnighter's homosexuality. But suddenly, Apollo and Midnighter appears right behind Kev. Apollo explains to everyone that the Carrier had fortunately kicked up its auto-defences the instant it detected the nuke. In the two seconds before the blast, the Carrier phased out as much of itself as it could before phasing back in again and managed to save seventy percent of its overall mass - including the Authority and B'Eeef, who is quarantined. Midnighter, however, points out to Kev that the other thirty percent of the Carrier consisted of the Authority's living quarters and their belongings was consumed by the explosion, and is still mad at him for tossing the nuke. In which Midnighter then attempts to strangle him but is then back off at gunpoint by Kev's friends. The tense situation is calm down by Apollo, who reason and defends Kev as if he didn't dispose the bomb it would destroy half of England, that killing him for his attitude is unnecessary in considering that many other people doesn't have a positive view on the Authority, and that it is also justifiably wrong to kill Kev's friends for helping him. Midnighter very reluctantly relents and returns with Apollo to the Carrier while Kev and the others decide to go for a drink.

On the Carrier, the rest of the Authority are fully recuperated and are pleased to see that Earth is safe again as the Rakulai have their pleasure in apprehending and publicly beating B'Eeef. Midnighter doesn't share his team's revelry. He instead goes to Kev's pub without his costume and sees Kev, as he is interest in knowing what really happened to Danny Redburn and the reason Kev took the blame for B'Eeef's death. It is reveal that Danny decided to go AWOL in order to save his tiger. Kev was surprise of Danny's decision and tried to reconsider this. But Danny thoroughly answers that he is tired and sick of their work in killing people and with the military system, believing that it only makes more bad intentions and wasting soldiers' lives all for nothing. He then offers Kev to join him. Kev refuses as he can't in which Danny reply that he can do anything he want in the world and hoped that one day Kev will realize that before leaving. Thereafter, Kev was transferred to MI5 to do the dirty works that proves fatal for Kev's life.

Midnighter then conclude that Danny was right and advise Kev to reconsider Danny's words in using his talents for something worthwhile and pointing out that himself (Midnighter) and Kev are not too different in having their lives being manipulated. Kev, however, turns it down and stating that the world doesn't want to be saved given his experiences. The discussion then quickly degenerated into a row as Midnighter tells Kev that the real reason he was a homophobe was because that's what he thought "tough guys" were like - that all his life, Kev had been letting others tell him how to think. Midnighter then leave Kev on still ill-terms. After Midnighter had left, Kev pulls out an old newspaper clipping which reveals that Danny had become an eco-terrorist and gives a toast to his unheard friend.


  • This book was first published on October 13, 2004.
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