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The Authority: Prime Vol 1 5


The Authority: Prime Vol 1 5

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"Breach of Trust, Part 5": After beating Bendix's team of clones, The Authority and Stormwatch make their way into Henry Bendix's secret bunker. Hawksmoor and King talk about their teams not trusting each other with whatever they may find there, whether it be an immense benefit to the world or i

Quote1 It was destiny. My ascension... and your deaths. Quote2
-- Henry Bendix

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Synopsis for "Breach of Trust, Part 5"

After beating Bendix's team of clones, The Authority and Stormwatch make their way into Henry Bendix's secret bunker. Hawksmoor and King talk about their teams not trusting each other with whatever they may find there, whether it be an immense benefit to the world or its greatest threat. They walk further and find large tubes filled with the bodies of various SPBs, more of Bendix's experiments. In the center of one room they find an energy source. Winter identifies it as one that runs off ambient cosmic energy, something that could have possibly given the world free energy in Bendix hadn't been so intent on making weapons.

After looking some more, they realize that Bendix was running his own little human genome project, mapping human genes so he could find the best way to add superhuman abilities. The main purpose of the bunker was to make SPBs. Midnighter brings up that it's probably where he and Apollo were made. Apollo tells him to stop, saying that even if Bendix gave them their powers he didn't make them, they had to come from somewhere else. Jackson King agrees with Apollo, saying that he had probably been kidnapped, or an uninformed volunteer. Just then, Fahrenheit finds an old comic with a woman dressed in black on the cover. Her name is Midnight Rider. King says that she was an old hero from the 40's and Fahrenheit points out the resemblance to Midnighter.

Midnighter begins to think that maybe he was made from Midnight Rider. Apollo tries to talk him out of that line of thought and then starts saying that it doesn't matter where he came from, just what he is now. Midnighter can't handle that though, he wants to know where he comes from. He's comfortable with who he is now, but he still wants to know about his past life. Apollo starts to think about it when Bendix appears again. He starts spouting off possible origins of Midnighter, saying he could be an army recruit, a man with a bad childhood, a mixture of stolen SPB genes, any number of things. He claims that any of those could be true, he just doesn't remember which one was Midnighter's history since he never bothered to take note of where his victims came from. This provokes Midnighter into attacking and Apollo threatens to burn the whole place to the ground. Jackson talks him out of it, saying that there could be things in the bunker capable of benefiting the world.

Just then, Winter tells the others that the power source isn't what it had first seemed. It isn't powering the building, just something below it. Fuji rips open the floor and reveals Bendix's body in a tube. Angie chimes in with some information she had found. Bendix had cloned himself a younger body since his older one couldn't be given super human abilities. When the new one woke up, it would be an SPB. Apollo is ready to incinerate it when Rose Tattoo appears. Before they can react, she opens fire paralyzing Fuji with her first attack. Jackson gets anyone who isn't bulletproof away and tries to get Jack to kill her. He won't because she's his friend and they try to find other ways. After she cuts Apollo Midnighter says they may have to kill her. The Doctor and Jenny are still busy and can't fix whatever Bendix did to her so Midnighter closes in. He puts her in a choke hold and when she continues to attack even when he gives her a chance, he prepares to kill her, but right then a new Bendix appears...



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