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The Authority: Revolution Vol 1 4


The Authority: Revolution Vol 1 4

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"The Eternal Return, Part 4 of 12: The Revolution Will Be...": Swift wakes up from her coma and meets up with a tired Engineer. The Engineer tells Swift of what had happened after her injuries in Philadelphia before the Carrier's monitors detects a news broadcast showing the Sons of Liberty and

Quote1 You've got heart, lady, I'll give you that. Sad to say, that's the one thing Henry Bendix forgot to leave in when he made me. Quote2
-- Midnighter

Appearing in "The Eternal Return, Part 4 of 12: The Revolution Will Be..."

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Synopsis for "The Eternal Return, Part 4 of 12: The Revolution Will Be..."

Swift wakes up from her coma and meets up with a tired Engineer. The Engineer tells Swift of what had happened after her injuries in Philadelphia before the Carrier's monitors detects a news broadcast showing the Sons of Liberty and their rebels gathering in front of the White House; in which Paul Revere declares that he has accept The Authority's demands to challenging his team.

Meanwhile in the Garden of Ancestral Memory, Jeroen Thornedike consults with his predecessor of his Church of the Shaman as a failure to change the world for the better as many religions had tried and let down before, and about his enemies being capable of stopping the Earth from helping him. Their moment is cut short as Jeroen is contacted by his team about the Sons of Liberty.

The Authority soon arrive at the White House with Jack Hawksmoor kicking Paul Revere from behind. Not wanting to harm the Sons of Liberty's followers, who are innocent mind-controlled civilians, the Doctor teleports them to a world literally made of excrement. With Hawksmoor and Midnighter fighting Paul Revere and Maiden America respectively, Swift and Apollo battle and defeat Dyno-Mite and Johnny Rocketman; Dynomite is burned by Apollo, while Rocketman is thrown into the Washington Memorial and is captured by The Engineer for analysis on the Carrier in the hopes of finding the Sons of Liberty's Carrier. Midnighter has the advantage over Maiden America; the Doctor nullify Fallout's radiation; and both Hawksmoor and Paul Revere are fighting on equal terms. As The Doctor prepares to inflict his magic on Fallout, a recovered Dyno-Mite explodes in front of Jeroen, wounding and knocking him unconscious. With The Doctor out cold, the Sons' followers are brought back to their world.

As the battle continue, the Sons of Liberty's the benefactor and his follower Samson watches the events unfold in Washington. Samson comments to his master that the Sons of Liberty are losing. The benefactor reply that it is still part of his plan, and decides to "take back what [he] gave them."

On The Authority's Carrier, Jenny Quantum tells The Engineer, who is examining an unconscious Johnny Rocketman, of wanting herself to help in the fight in Washington. But The Engineer forbids her and instead has her sent to the junction room and have the Carrier to teleport the Sons' followers. As Jenny walks to the junction room, she ask the Carrier as to why it is "acting different" and what her father, Midnighter, did to it. Suddenly she is contact by a apparent future self who ask Jenny that she can still "stop it all."

At that moment The Engineer contacts Hawksmoor that Rocketman has suddenly revert back to his regular elderly age. Jack infer this as the rest of the Sons of Liberty are also reverting back to their normal age, with Maiden America suddenly dying from heart failure. Hawksmoor helps a feeble Paul Revere, demanding as to who gave him and his team their youth back. Paul, realizing what is going on, urgently tells Hawksmoor to get everyone away for safety from an unstable Fallout. Dyno-Mite, though elderly, prepare to explode Midnighter from behind. Seeing this, Apollo warns his husband, and Midnight quickly dodges away but unfortunately letting the Human Hand-Grenade to explode in front of Fallout and causing a nuclear explosion. The Authority are the only ones that survive due to Jenny Quantum who shields them from the devastation with her powers but couldn't save any other. After the smokes are clear, The Authority are shocked to see America's capital left in nuclear ruins.


  • This book was first published on January 19, 2005.
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