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The Authority: Revolution Vol 1 9


The Authority: Revolution Vol 1 9

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"The Eternal Return, Part 9 of 12: Life's Illusions": Aboard his own Carrier ship in the Bleed, Henry Bendix is a worried man. Bendix is able to view live streaming video of events on board the Authority's Carrier, and witnesses Jenny’s declaration to find and destroy him. The intervention of Je

Quote1 My name's Jenny. I'm here to get you out of here. And then I think the two of us are going to become very good friends. Quote2
-- Jenny Quantum

Appearing in "The Eternal Return, Part 9 of 12: Life's Illusions"

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Synopsis for "The Eternal Return, Part 9 of 12: Life's Illusions"

Aboard his own Carrier ship in the Bleed, Henry Bendix is a worried man. Bendix is able to view live streaming video of events on board the Authority's Carrier, and witnesses Jenny’s declaration to find and destroy him. The intervention of Jenny Quantum presents a problem for Bendix. Her involvement reduces his well-laid schemes to estimates with no guarantee of success.

Bendix’s female assistant asks why Bendix didn’t just join the Authority, as they seemed to be on the right path. Bendix disagrees: the Authority attempted to achieve peace through government. Bendix believes the way to peace is through corporation. Attach money to an issue and it gains importance. The Authority never understood that, which is why they failed.

Bendix and his female assistant, who is reveal to be Rose Tattoo, stroll about the ship and stop at a cell door. Rose peers in and sees a 16-year-old Palestinian boy, who lies still, suspended in stasis. Bendix explains that he is the next Doctor to replace Jeroen Thorndike, whom Rose earlier killed. Rose seduced Jeroen inside a Berlin nightclub. The pair had sex, and Rose's death touch slowly killed the Doctor. Near death, Jeroen was delivered to Bendix, who then captured his essence in a stasis tube, and used that essence as a compass to find the next Doctor.

Bendix arrived in Palestine a day after the young, new Doctor received his powers. Ironically, the new Doctor received his powers moments before he intended to perform a suicide bombing. Within 24 hours of his anointment, the young Doctor negotiated peace in the Middle East. When Bendix approached the young Doctor to work for him, the young man refused and Bendix incapacitated him, taking advantage of the young Doctor's inexperience with his new abilities.

Bendix reveals his ace. While the Authority may have anticipated a new incarnation of Jenny Sparks for the next century, they did not anticipate the Spirit of Murder passing on to another host, creating a new Rose Tattoo. Also, with the Doctor removed from the equation, the Authority is without one of its most powerful members, and thus is a weaker team that can be defeated.

Rose kisses Bendix, and is surprised when her kiss doesn't kill him. Bendix explains that he embraces her kiss, and thus death, which makes him impervious.

As Bendix and Rose leave the young Doctor’s cell, Jenny Quantum appears in the cell and awakens the young Doctor from his year-long deep sleep. Habib Bin Hassan introduces himself to Jenny. Jenny introduces herself and tells Habib she’s going to help him escape. She also tells him she expects that they'll become the best of friends.


  • This book was first published on June 22, 2005.
  • This issue marks the first appearance of Habib bin Hassan, the new Doctor.


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