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The Authority Vol 2 11


The Authority Vol 2 11

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"Fractured World, Episode Two": The Authority sees to the three separate reality breaches on different parts of the globe. Midnighter and Apollo travels to Rio De Janerio and battles a group of supervillains, who had slaughtered

Quote1 You wanted something to hit? Take your pick... Quote2
-- Apollo

Appearing in "Fractured World, Episode Two"

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  • Copacabana Beach



Synopsis for "Fractured World, Episode Two"

The Authority sees to the three separate reality breaches on different parts of the globe. Midnighter and Apollo travels to Rio De Janerio and battles a group of supervillains, who had slaughtered all their heroes in their universe, with lethal force. At a water engulfed Johannesburg, The Doctor saves its citizens from drowning by providing them gills. In Paris, The Engineer and Jack Hawksmoor puts out the fires on the Eiffel Tower. Follow afterward the ruptures to the Bleed are suddenly sealed.

The Authority later issue to the news media that the reality ruptures are far from over and caution the world that further breaches could happen at any time. While the team itself will deal the crisis at their full disposal, despite growing criticism from American politicians of raising the question as to how the Authority will continue the day-to-day running of the U.S. while engaged in this matter of magnitude. Meanwhile there are pervasive rumors that Michelle Leung, who claimed to be the mother of Jenny Quantum, after dropping her legal action have been granted access to her daughter.

On the Carrier, the Engineer brief her team on the Bleed ruptures and finds nothing what caused them or whether to expect more such breaches. Most were minor. The first of these was reported in Henan Province, China. Hawksmoor is at the scene and contacts back that what the Chinese government's explanation for what happened there doesn't tie with what he is reading from the city's ruins. He reads that a kind of complex was present under the city and whatever happened didn't came from outside of their universe. In which Midnighter notes that the near-destruction of the city coincided with the Authority's coup that went unnoticed from them while in their revelry. Hawksmoor decide to send Swift to "visit" China's leader, Chairman Chang, on their discovery.

In the Carrier's junction room, Swift is accompany by Midnighter who wants to come along, given that he refuse to see his daughter being taken away from her real mother. Michelle Leung comes aboard the Carrier and is greeted by Apollo where she is reunited with Jenny. The two share a moment together and Jenny gives a tour for her mother on the shiftship. The two then arrive at the Carrier's engine room, where Michelle ask Jenny if she ever wander about her. Jenny reply she did before to the Authority, who had informed her that since the destruction at the hospital in Singapore and the lack of survivors, all the records were lost and couldn't be sure as to find out about the identity of her mother. Michelle then suddenly becomes belligerent and belittle Jenny that the Authority doesn't care about her mother and only wanted her daughter's powers to keep the world in check. At the same time the Authority detect another series of fractures. Michelle continues to berate Jenny and finally revealing herself that she isn't Jenny's mother. Jenny blasts Michelle who comes out untouched. Shocked, Jenny question her as to who is she, which Michelle reply that she is "bad Jenny."


  • This book was first published on April 7, 2004.
  • No special notes.


  • The alternate villains that Apollo and Midnighter fought are pastiches of DC and Marvel Comics villains.

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