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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Tony S. Daniel/Cover Artist, Moose Baumann/Cover Artist Marc Guggenheim/Writer, Tony S. Daniel/Penciler, Art Thibert/Inker, Jonathan Glapion/Inker, Tanya Horie/Colourist, Richard Horie/Colourist, Pat Brosseau/Letterer, Joan Hilty/Editor, Rachel Gluckstern/Editor, Hartley Rathaway (New Earth)/Quotes, Bartholomew Allen II (New Earth)/Appearances, Iris West (New Earth)/Appearances, Valerie Perez (New Earth)/Appearances, Thaddeus Thawne II (New Earth)/Appearances, Rogues (New Earth)/Appearances, Giovanni Giuseppe (New Earth)/Appearances, Evan McCulloch (New Earth)/Appearances, Hartley Rathaway (New Earth)/Appearances, Citizen Abra (New Earth)/Appearances, Leonard Snart (New Earth)/Appearances, Mark Mardon (New Earth)/Appearances, Mick Rory (New Earth)/Appearances, Black Flash (New Earth)/Appearances, Los Angeles/Appearances, Comics, 2007, 2007, July, May 16, 2007 (Publication), 2007, May (Publication), The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written, Countdown Crossover

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Vol 1 12


The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Vol 1 12

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"Full Throttle: Running out of Time": After revealing himself to be the Flash to the two detectives interrogating him, Bart Allen races from the police station and to the Getty Center, which had been ove

Quote1 Reform is overrated, Flash. Quote2
-- Pied Piper

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Synopsis for "Full Throttle: Running out of Time"

After revealing himself to be the Flash to the two detectives interrogating him, Bart Allen races from the police station and to the Getty Center, which had been overtaken by Rogues. En route, he spots someone else tagging along.

The Rogues have surrounded the Getty Center in a forcefield and await the arrival of the Flash. Bart is unable to vibrate through the field, so instead he goes underground, through the bedrock.

Abra Kadabra, knowledgeable in temporal physics thanks to his 64th century education, approaches Inertia and announces that the machine being built will not stop time as claimed.

Valerie Perez walks through the airport, preparing to fly back to Keystone City. She is stopped by Iris Allen, who teleports in and asks for her help in stopping something horrible.

Inertia explains to Kadabra his true intentions, that he had only used the Rogues as bait for the Flash. Bart bursts in and attacks his clone. The rest of the Rogues arrive and they battle.

Iris and Val teleport to the Getty Center, and Iris asks Val, with her knowledge of the Speed Force to find a way to turn off Inertia's machine. However, it has already been activated.

The Speed Force leaves Bart's body and he sees the Black Flash, who always heralds the imminent death of a speedster. Val explains that the machine, which was designed to transfer the Speed Force from Bart to Inertia, will explode with the power of ten atomic bombs.



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