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The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Vol 1 7


The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Vol 1 7

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"Speedquest, Chapter 1: Angel City": The citizens of Keystone City hold a "Flash Day" at the Flash Museum, where the Flash is to be given a medal for defeating the Griffin.

Quote1 Bet when you saw the blur, you thought I was Bart, huh? Quote2
-- Inertia

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Synopsis for "Speedquest, Chapter 1: Angel City"

The citizens of Keystone City hold a "Flash Day" at the Flash Museum, where the Flash is to be given a medal for defeating the Griffin.

Bart, however, is across the country, walking the streets of Hollywood. He has decided to get a fresh start by operating out of Los Angeles.

He quickly happens upon his first case in the new town. Abra Kadabra, performing on the street, announces that he will make a famous hotel disappear. However, claiming that his "wand slipped", he makes a store selling valuable gems disappear. In actuality, he sends it to the Alps, where he has a team in place to strip it of all its valuables and deposit them into a Swiss bank.

Bart slips into the store before it disappears, and using one of the gems that Kadabra had stolen, reflects a bolt of energy sent from the magician's wand back to the caster, sending him to Cambodia.

In Nevada, Deathstroke delivers a dose of Velocity 9 to Inertia, who has been using it to gain superspeed since the Speed Force had been absorbed into Bart. He teleports back to his home era to fetch the last piece of a "regeneration machine" he had been building.

The next day, Bart moves into his new apartment in Hollywood. He meets his attractive new neighbor, Roxanne Snow, who helps him move in.

Inertia finishes building his machine, and uses it to blow up the facility he and Mota had been hiding out in. The resulting explosion frees Valerie. She attempts to get a ride back to civilization from a trucker, but the man attempts to sexually assault her. She is rescued by Inertia, who takes her to Las Vegas, where he sets up a trap for Bart.



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