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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Ethan Van Sciver/Cover Artist, Moose Baumann/Cover Artist Marc Guggenheim/Writer, Andy Kuhn/Penciler, Ron Adrian/Penciler, Art Thibert/Inker, Richard Horie/Colourist, Tanya Horie/Colourist, Pat Brosseau/Letterer, Joan Hilty/Editor, Rachel Gluckstern/Editor, Bartholomew Allen II (New Earth)/Quotes, Bartholomew Allen II (New Earth)/Appearances, Timothy Drake (New Earth)/Appearances, Valerie Perez (New Earth)/Appearances, Roy Harper (New Earth)/Appearances, Hal Jordan (New Earth)/Appearances, Dinah Laurel Lance (New Earth)/Appearances, Impulse (New Earth)/Appearances, Steppenwolf (New Earth)/Appearances, Bartholomew Allen (New Earth)/Appearances, Los Angeles/Appearances, Keystone City/Appearances, Comics, 2007, 2007, April, February 21, 2007 (Publication), 2007, February (Publication), The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Vol 1 9


The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Vol 1 9

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"Full Throttle, Prologue: Split Decision": While fighting a criminal ironically named Impulse in Los Angeles, Bart receives a call from Robin, asking him to rejoin the [[Teen Titans (

Quote1 ...the electric field creates charged electric particles...and particles can be sped up...and that speed creates DC power...(there's a joke in there somewhere...) Quote2
-- Flash (Bart Allen)

Appearing in "Full Throttle, Prologue: Split Decision"

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Synopsis for "Full Throttle, Prologue: Split Decision"

While fighting a criminal ironically named Impulse in Los Angeles, Bart receives a call from Robin, asking him to rejoin the Teen Titans. Robin, realizing that Bart is busy, offers to call back later. After apprehending Impulse, Bart makes a discovery: a strange device buried under the street that was uncovered during the battle. He takes it to the lab at the police academy, where Val determines that it is from Apokolips. Bart puts it in his locker and the couple heads to Keystone City, where they have dinner plans with two Val's friends.

During dinner, it becomes obvious that Val has told her friend Brenda about Bart's secret identity. They have a big argument in the parking lot, Bart wanting to look out for Val's safety and Val wanting to have someone to talk to.

The next day in class, Bart is too distracted from the previous night's fight with Val to pay attention during the lecture. All of a sudden, their classroom is evacuated: Steppenwolf has attacked the building. Bart springs into action, angry at himself for leaving the Apokoliptan device in his locker. After a very difficult battle, Arsenal, Green Lantern, and Black Canary arrive to save the day.

Bart calls Robin back and declines membership in the Titans for the time being.



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