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"Return of the Super-Gorilla!": Various reports come in from around the world that a strange device has been seen boring up from beneath the earth. The waters and plants around it die when this happens.

Appearing in "Return of the Super-Gorilla!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • The Bird People



  • Devolutionizer Ray


Synopsis for "Return of the Super-Gorilla!"

Various reports come in from around the world that a strange device has been seen boring up from beneath the earth. The waters and plants around it die when this happens.

Having faked losing the Force of Mind powers following his last encounter with the Flash, Gorilla Grodd frees himself from his cell in Gorilla City. Solovar calls for the Flash's aid by vibration frequency. When Flash was in Gorilla City they recorded his special frequency to be able to contact him. When Flash arrives, he cannot find the city. Solovar brings Flash's vibration patterns into sync with Gorilla City's so he can see it.

Below the Earth's crust, Grodd has found and taken over the minds of the bird people that live there. Grodd constructs a device that will devolve the apes of Gorilla City into ordinary apes.

Solovar finds Grodd by honing in on his vibration frequency. The Flash finds his way to this hidden land by spinning into the ground so fast his molecules slip his way through the earth. Grodd uses a device to create 'mola', a crystallization of Flash's super speed, causing Flash to be encased in hard mola. The bird people put him on display in their town square.

Flash vibrates his body to rock his statue and eventually fall and shatter freeing himself. Flash defeats Grodd by beating him into unconciousness. With the avian race freed, Flash takes Grodd back to Gorilla City where he is once more imprisoned.

At home, Barry reads that the strange drill appearances has stopped.

Appearing in "The Amazing Race Against Time!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Kyri (Single appearance)
  • News Editor




Synopsis for "The Amazing Race Against Time!"

While trying to stop an out of control truck, Flash is beaten to the punch by a mysterious speedster who is even faster than he is. Taking him to a second apartment he keeps to maintain his secret identity, Flash soon finds that the speedster in question cannot remember who he is or where he came from. Flash takes him to the doctors to see if they can see anything wrong.

Iris tells her editor it would be a great publicity stunt to organize a charity race to see who's faster between Flash and the mystery man.

Agreeing to participate in a race for charity, the mystery man beats the Flash in a race, even running backwards.

When they visit the doctor's office next, they perform shock therapy. The man's mind is restored and he loses his super speed. He tells the Flash his name is Kyri, a hominoid created by an alien race and sent out to patch a dimensional weak-spot on a distant planet. This weak-spot could allow invaders from another reality to attack.

Kyri has the Flash repair his ship and the two travel out to the planet and the Flash repairs the weak spot. Kyri thanks the Flash for his help and returns Flash home before leaving to return to his home planet.

The Flash tells Iris what happened and Iris admits he's still technically the fastest man alive since Kyri was a hominoid.



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