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"The Mirror-Master's Magic Bullet!": When Barry learns of the Mirror Master's latest escape from prison, he deduces that the he will likely strike at the auction of the Duke of Ferrand's priceless antique mirrors. Barry arranges hi

Appearing in "The Mirror-Master's Magic Bullet!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Duke of Ferrand




Synopsis for "The Mirror-Master's Magic Bullet!"

When Barry learns of the Mirror Master's latest escape from prison, he deduces that the he will likely strike at the auction of the Duke of Ferrand's priceless antique mirrors. Barry arranges his police assignment to guard the Museum of Antique Arts. Upon his arrival, he is shown around by the Duke's daughter, Bettina. When Iris arrives, she believes that Barry is making time with another woman and storms out.

When Mirror Master arrives to steal the mirrors, the Flash gives chase. Mirror Master escapes by throwing priceless mirrors out the window distracting the Flash to run down and catch them. When he returns, the Mirror Master is gone and a key remains on the ground. The Flash deduces the key must have been left by Mirror Master and he will try all the doors in Central City until a match is found.

Meanwhile, the Mirror Master has set up an apartment with rigged mirrors next door to the museum and sets a trap for the Flash, using a special mirror that when shot, knocks an opponent unconscious. Flash enters the room and is paralyzed by his trick.

With the Flash as his prisoner, the Mirror Master uses a special gas to put Flash under his control. Gloating over his victory, he has the Flash perform a number of super feats for him before he finally sends the Flash down to steal the mirrors for him.

Since hypnotized people have issues with being ordered to do things they don't normally perform, Flash awakens from his trance as he would not normally steal the mirrors. The Flash returns to the apartment and easily defeats his opponent.

Barry meets Iris at Picture News and tells her he disappeared to give chase to Mirror Master but he was too slow and the Flash beat him to it.

Appearing in "The Elongated Man's Undersea Trap!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bredans (Single appearance)
    • Grstad (Single appearance)
    • Kimbra (Single appearance)

Other Characters:




  • Bredan Assault Vehicle

Synopsis for "The Elongated Man's Undersea Trap!"

Following their marriage, the Elongated Man and his wife Sue head to Central America for a honeymoon. While out on their yacht, Ralph goes skin-diving. After hours of waiting, Sue begins worrying something has gone wrong with Ralph. She heads to shore to call the Flash for help.

When Sue brings the Flash to the spot she last saw Ralph, he dives into the water to look for his friend.

The Flash is soon rendered unconscious by an electric shock.

When he awakens, he finds out what happened to Ralph and many other skin-divers. They were captured by members of an undersea race known as the Bredans who stored them in a large fishbowl. The Bredans use humans as slaves and form a telepathic bond with them to force them to perform manual labor.

Finding an amnesic Elongated Man, the Flash helps restore his memory by causing him to stretch. The two heroes work together to smash the Bredans oppression of humans. After the Bredans are defeated, the two force the Bredan leaders to promise to never to capture skin-divers and exploit them again before returning to the surface with the other captives.

The Flash returns Ralph to Sue and they celebrate by skin-diving into the ocean together.



  • "The Elongated Man's Undersea Trap!" begins while Ralph and Sue are on their honeymoon. While Ralph's identity is still officially a secret; the newspaper announcing his marriage mentions Sue Dearbon by name and shows her photograph.

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