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The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told (Collected)


The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told (Collected)

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The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told
Cover for the The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told Trade Paperback

This book collects nineteen Batman stories in which The Joker is the main villain.

This trade paperback reprints stories from the following comic book issues and comic books:

(The Joker, here titled as Batman versus the Joker, from March, 1940)
(The Case of the Joker's Crime Circus from December, 1940)
(The Man Behind the Red Hood from February, 1951)
(The Joker's Crime Costumes! from February, 1951)
(The Joker's Utility Belt! from October, 1952)
(The Crimes of Batman from November, 1952)
(The Crazy Crime Clown! from December, 1952)
(Superman and Batman's Greatest Foes from May, 1957)
(Crime-of-the-Month Club! from September, 1957)
(The Great Clayface - Joker Feud from November, 1963)
(The Joker Jury! from May, 1964)
(The Joker's Happy Victims! from 1966)
(The Joker's Five-Way Revenge! from September, 1973)
(Death Has the Last Laugh from March, 1974)
(The Last Ha Ha from October, 1975)
(The Laughing Fish from February, 1978)
(Sign of the Joker! from April, 1978)
(Dreadful Birthday, Dear Joker... ! from March, 1980)

This paperback also collects a story which was originally printed in the newspapers in 1948, called The Joker and the Sparrow.

  • This paperback included an introduction by Mike Gold under the title The best of the bad: the Joker's dozen, end notes by Mark Waid under the title Stacking the deck: the other Joker stories, and biographies of notable Joker creators by Brian Augustyn.