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"Never Ending Slaughter": ===Prologue===

Appearing in "Never Ending Slaughter"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Never Ending Slaughter"


The citizens of some version of Metropolis watch and listen as its Superman pounds away at some barrier in the sky, with the narrator saying "he deserved heaven...not prison".

The Story

Deadman finds himself with dozens of Supermen all killed one day earlier by various means by the powerful being called Gog. The Supermen from earlier times are filled in with who Gog is and why he is desiring to destroy Superman in this fashion. As Deadman leads the Supermen into their reward, the Phantom Stranger questions the intended goals his fellow members of the Quintessence have concerning the use of their agent Gog, and so decides to counter their move with one of his own -- his agent Hunter, who uses the chrono sands to slip away from his fellow Linear Men unnoticed while they try to figure out why Gog's destruction of Superman through time isn't causing any recordable anomalies in future history. He arrives at the time of Superman's and Wonder Woman's birth of a baby son, which becomes a joyous day instantly ruined by the appearance of Gog. He kidnaps their child and keeps most of the heroes at bay while Gog makes his escape. Waverider arrives on the scene and tells the heroes of that time not to interfere with the rescue of Superman's child from Gog for that would cause their history to be erased, but Hunter takes Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman back to 1998 in order to stop Gog nonetheless.

In 1998, Ma and Pa Kent are sitting out on the porch, enjoying a day of rest when they see a mushroom cloud form in the horizon, portending a disaster to come. Then Pa Kent is sucked toward the maelstrom, wrenched away before Ma Kent could grab his hand.


  • The origin of Gog is retold from New Year's Evil: Gog.
  • The first appearance of the Kingdom Come Superman and Wonder Woman's baby, which they previously told Batman they were going to have in the epilogue following Kingdom Come #4 in the collected editions.


  • At the beginning of the story, there is a figure resembling the Golden Age Superman banging against an invisible barrier of what appears to be an "Earth-Two reality". It was probably intended at the time that he is either the same figure as the one who entered the paradise dimension with his wife, Superboy-Prime, and Alexander Luthor Jr. at the end of Crisis On Infinite Earths #12, or simply a Superman of an alternate reality in Hypertime.

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