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The Movement Vol 1 3


The Movement Vol 1 3

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"Class Warfare": After attempting to question criminal kingpin James Cannon, Katharsis has found herself swarmed by heavily armed officers from the Coral City Police Department, who are obviously under Cannon's thumb. They beat her mercilessly, and Cannon or

Quote1 I just had a funny little picture in my mind. You. During an earth-quake. Naked. And covered in rats. Quote2
-- Katharsis

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  • Richie
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Synopsis for "Class Warfare"

After attempting to question criminal kingpin James Cannon, Katharsis has found herself swarmed by heavily armed officers from the Coral City Police Department, who are obviously under Cannon's thumb. They beat her mercilessly, and Cannon orders them to drag her to the precinct so he can interrogate her himself.

Meanwhile, after having intruded on the territory of the witch, Katharsis' friends are under attack by the witch herself; a weather-manipulating woman called Rainmaker. The harsh winds and rain prevent them from doing anything to protect themselves.

Elsewhere, a homeless Gulf War veteran panhandles with his dog, and receives a donation from a young woman, much to the disdain of her boyfriend. Though his totals aren't enough to get a room, it is enough for some food, and he and his dog head out in search of cheeseburgers. However, it begins to rain on him, and when he looks up, he realizes that it is only raining on him. A small cloud has formed above him, and he realizes that he has been discovered. Seeing the man who intends to kill him, the homeless man begs his assassin not to hurt his dog. Within days, the man's obituary is in the paper.

Back at the Movement's headquarters, Vengeance Moth brings some dinner to the two police officers that she and her friends have imprisoned there. She notices that they are trying to figure out who and where their captors are located based on the fast-food she brought them, and takes a sterner tone. She warns that their leader is someone to be reckoned with, and ought not be underestimated.

In order to get some bargaining leeway, Virtue instructs Mouse to take one of Rainmaker's people as hostage, and begs for a truce. She explains that they don't work for the man, but they have become aware that someone with weather powers is killing people in the 'Tweens neighbourhood, and they believe that Rainmaker is being framed for it. Softening, Rainmaker offers her real name - Sarah - and explains that the man they are seeking is James Cannon. Cannon wants Coral City to be free of poor people, because he sees them as obstacles, and his means for making it so are anything but clean.

Virtue asks Rainmaker to join her group, but the woman explains that she and her people just want to be left alone. As the witch leaves, Virtue warns that looking out just for themselves won't get them far. Despite her leaving, Virtue discovers that she was secretly handed Rainmaker's phone number, and shoves it into her pocket just as secretly. Unfortunately, she and the others receive the news that Katharsis has been taken to the police precinct.

Meanwhile, at the station, Officer Erik Yee warns that Captain Meers will not be happy to learn that they are doing away with proper protocol and are allowing Cannon to question Katharsis without him. He is reminded, however, that her friends still have two of their number captured, and they are all indebted to Cannon, anyway. Despite Cannon's torture, Katharsis holds her own.

At the same time, Captain Meers receives a surprise visit from Virtue, who apologizes for having told him of his wife's indiscretions. She warns him not to reach for his weapon, as she has a deal to offer him: an exchange of prisoners. Unfortunately, Meers is unaware of the capture of Katharsis, and he refuses, explaining that the police are there to protect people like her - and they should not take that fact for granted. Coldly, Virtue responds that if he will not cooperate, she and the army of people waiting outside will tear his precinct to the ground.


  • This book was first published on July 3, 2013.
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