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in: Issues Rated T, Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, José Ladrönn/Cover Artist Geoff Johns/Writer, Greg Rucka/Writer, Judd Winick/Writer, Ed Benes/Penciler, Phil Jimenez/Penciler, Rags Morales/Penciler, Jesús Saíz/Penciler, Ivan Reis/Penciler, Cliff Richards/Penciler, Tom Derenick/Penciler, Georges Jeanty/Penciler, Karl Kerschl/Penciler, David Lopez/Penciler, Michael Bair/Inker, Ed Benes/Inker, Ivan Reis/Inker, Jesús Saíz/Inker, Bob Wiacek/Inker, Dexter Vines/Inker, Moose Baumann/Colourist, Hi-Fi Design/Colourist, Tanya Horie/Colourist, Richard Horie/Colourist, Nick J. Napolitano/Letterer, Phil Balsman/Letterer, Todd Klein/Letterer, Jann Jones/Editor, Rachel Gluckstern/Editor, Joan Hilty/Editor, Ivan Cohen/Editor, Collected Editions, 2005, December (Publication), November 30, 2005 (Publication), OMAC Project Vol 1/Collections, Infinite Crisis

The OMAC Project (Collected)


The OMAC Project (Collected)

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Spinning out of IDENTITY CRISIS, COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS was a Special that laid the groundwork for events in the DCU for the year to come. Now COUNTDOWN is collected with the hot miniseries that directly spun out of it: THE OMAC PROJECT! This crackerjack thriller by Greg Rucka (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN) features the moody, gorgeous art of Jesus Saiz (MANHUNTER).Every hero and villain in the DCU is under the gaze of an unbelievably powerful spy satellite. It's a technological marvel that answers to only one person — and he's got plans for it that are completely unknown to the superspy organization he controls: Checkmate!In a world where men can fly and melt metal with their eyes, there's now an army created specifically as an answer to them: the OMACs. Batman and old ally Booster Gold are about to learn the chilling truth behind the OMAC Project — but will they work with or against each other? This volume includes COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS, THE OMAC PROJECT #1-6, and WONDER WOMAN #219.

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