"The Home of the Free": Prof. Korovin and his dolls arrive in Albert, Kansas. Seeing it as not their destination, Pravda again tries to teleport them to Washington, D.C.

Appearing in "The Home of the Free"

Featured Characters:

  • Max Keane
  • Senator Joe

Supporting Characters:

  • Stella Blake
  • Mike Hinks
  • Chivers
  • McCoy


  • The Spirit of Lenin
  • Pravda
  • Revolution
  • Stalingrad
  • Vladimir Korovin

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Home of the Free"

Prof. Korovin and his dolls arrive in Albert, Kansas. Seeing it as not their destination, Pravda again tries to teleport them to Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, the black pastor praises his flock for having the fortune of Senator Joe on their side. Max arrives and confronts Joe, needing his help.

Mike Hinks is pressured by Chivers into starting and booting the machines that would reprogram Max. Hinks tells Chivers that there is no in convincing Max back into the machine, but Chivers has other means. After Chivers leaves, Stella Blake appears. She tells him what Pravda had done to her, didn't kill her but made herself intangible. And as well having her the opportunity to spy on Chivers and his conspiracy. She disappears after telling what she has known.

Joe refuses to help Max and attacks him. Stating to Max that he knows that their government would order him to kill Joe. However, Max tells him that he knows he would kill him for his refusal but wouldn't allow it. And also their fight is not for their government but for the common people. But Joe still refuses to help after hearing the plight of the African-American community.

Chivers interviews the airman that had disappeared to 1953 as to know of what has happen to the Russian dolls after learning of their appearance in Kansas. All the pilot knows is that after disappearing from Talibstan he was "floating" before appearing in Moscow. McCoy shares this information with the President, knowing that the threat isn't over and advises him to leave Washington for his own safety. After he leaves the Oval Office, Blake materializes and back to her normal self. She tells the President about her colleagues' plans of reprogramming Max and the possibility that it could either kill him or becoming a war machine, and seeing the President as the kind of person could stop this. However, the President reveals to Blake that he already knows about Max's intended reprogramming and allows it go ahead.

Max reports his conflict with Joe with McCoy, stating that he had to agree with Joe's reasoning. McCoy assures that matters will be taken care in quelling the white supremacists. He then takes Max somewhere for some deserved for "R and R" where he is reunite with Cindy.

Blake is caught by the CIA and about to be personally killed by McCoy. Max is tranquilized through sexual intercourse with Cindy. He is then brought to be reprogrammed by Hinks.

Korovin and his dolls have finally teleported to Washington at Arlington Cemetery.


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